Yoga+Music365 (day8) – New Seasons by The Sadies

Starting today, every Friday I am going to take a day off from blogging.

But what about the yoga and the music? I’ll post the practice and the title (probably on Saturday).

Let’s be honest, the real self-care comes from knowing your limits, boundaries and taking the time you need to renew.

What will I be doing instead of yoga, music and writing about yoga and music?

In honor of listening to my need for self-care, I’m having my twice monthly massage today.  Yep, I get a 90 minute massage every other Friday from Tess Bradley at the Body Mind Center in Midtown Sacramento.

<Drop everything and immediately make an appointment with her – she’s AMAZING! Tell her you read about her here>

Twice a month massage?!?!?

It must be nice. <snide comment I’ve been hearing for years about this practice>

Why yes, it is.

I look at massage as a financial commitment to my health and well-being. Massage, like yoga, helps me be a nicer person. It feels good and it helps keep me healthy. It also helps me be a better teacher, wife and friend. I started having massage regularly so I could deal with the grief of my stepdad dying and felt all the benefits of regular body work.

What practices do you regularly do to take care of yourself? Please leave a comment and if your self-care thing interests me, maybe I’ll start doing your thing too.

PS- Think of Fridays as blog-reading catch-up day. If you’ve been a little behind on all the good stuff, here’s my gift to you.

PPS- I’m thinking of Saturdays being music round ups.

 PPPS- Don’t forget FREE Fridays at 4:30 with the new It’s All Yoga teachers (21st and X in Sacramento) – you’ve got to sign up online

6 thoughts on “Yoga+Music365 (day8) – New Seasons by The Sadies

  1. *Baths. Oh, baths. I’m not sure I could ever live in a home without a bathtub. That first shock of steamy water on the skin…ahhhh. Akin to orgasm.
    *On a “special” occasion, I get a pedicure. Preferably with another female, like one of my sisters or stepmother. They usually don’t feel as blissful as I anticipate they will, but I almost always end up in a fit of giggles for some reason or another.
    *I dance in my apartment late at night. Lately it’s to Lady Gaga, but I also dig Thievery Corporation or the Gorillaz. It’s a wonder my downstairs neighbors haven’t complained.

    xo <3

    • kf: *baths! i take a lot of them too. love, love, love.
      * pedicures! love the end result, but totally freaked out about the infection possibility. i know it’s weird, but it’s hard to relax at the idea of a staf infection. now a home pedi is an awesome idea!
      *late night dance parties. super fun!

  2. I’ve been getting manicures as often as I possibly can (which is sometimes only quarterly). Having someone give you some TLC and getting some good grooming is a pleasurable luxury.

    Since I commute a lot I find that every now and then a really good, loud holler at the top of my lungs, for as long as I can, is a fantastic stress reliever.

    And I ask my husband for homemade massages at least twice a week. Since he’s pretty good at it, I completely agree with you!

  3. yay!

    1. i rub myself down with warm oil before showers. feels good and i smell like maple stir fry!

    2. i wait till no one is home (which is almost never, which is what makes it so special), turn on loud music (patty griffin, over the rhine, katie herzig) and SING. sometimes with fake microphone.

    3. i’ve been turning off the email application and only checking it 3 times a day. it’s been AWESOME.

    love ya!

    • blogasana:
      1. abhyanga (ayurvedic self-massage) – i did this when i was sick and it made me get well faster. hmmm-i’m feeling a blog post on this one.
      2. thanks for the music ideas! and i LOVE the singing with the fake microphone. i do this in the car. i know people i can see me, but they’re strangers.
      3. yay for email limits! i’m glad my job keeps me away from the computer most of the day or i’d be a complete zombie.
      thanks for the love sista friend!

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