Yoga+Music365 (day51) – Closer to the Bone by Kris Kristofferson – Mrs. Pricklepants Edition

February seems like a good idea on paper. It’s got at least two school holidays, daylight is getting longer, and there are only three and a half more months of school.

And yet, I’ve been kind of grumpy all month. Go figure.

Instead of leaving a trail of complaints why February sucks, the following is a short list of things about February that don’t.

  • We started the Money unit at school and students LOVE earning money for their hard work. They are decidedly less enthusiastic about paying for not working, however motivation is at an all time high right now.
  • I love teaching yoga! Who knew that something that scared me so much so recently could turn out to be so fulfilling?
  • My amazing sweetheart surprised me with a very sweet valentine – a little certificate for lunch and a foot massage – by hiding it in the cat food bag while he was away and I actually found it on Valentine’s Day.
  • Acro-yoga was super fun, even when working with a complete stranger. We met during the middle of the class and managed to laugh all afternoon. She’s the one I’m helping into handstand in the photo.
  • One of my best friends is moving into a house with a SWIMMING POOL!  Fishes like me, love them some swimming pools!
  • Three Feet High and Rising.
  • One of my other friends took me to her very fancy gym this week for a spa day. Steam, sauna, and soak – with towel service.  
  • The movie Crazy Heart.
  • Massage!
  • Seeing Rhett Miller play and being in the front row.
  • Reading the Fluent Self and other excellent blogs make me happy.
  • Yoga
  • Possibility of summer road trips with friends for more yoga and general all around fun times.
  • Anticipating seeing my amazingly wonderful friends from junior high over Zachary’s Pizza and a cocktail or two.

What about YOUR February isn’t sucking? Remind me why this month doesn’t totally blow. (That’s your clue to leave me a comment, so I don’t feel like I’m talking to myself.)


Today’s yoga brought to you by the home practice! It’s a half-marathon training day.

Today’s music is Closer to the Bone by Kris Kristofferson.

Don’t forget FREE Fridays at 4:30 with the new It’s All Yoga teachers (21st and X in Sacramento) – you’ve got to sign up online

I’m teaching 3/5/10 – so mark your calendar.

For the month of February, I’m teaching a Level 1/2 on Mondays at 5:45. Come join me.

5 thoughts on “Yoga+Music365 (day51) – Closer to the Bone by Kris Kristofferson – Mrs. Pricklepants Edition

  1. uh, it doesn’t suck because it’s RECESS. ok, not for everyone.

    there are blossoms, which you can now look at with your mask on.

    there’s a book club meeting (which by the way i won’t be at… next time i will!)

    i got to take your class.

    getting lots of traffic to your blog (and sometimes my blog=)

    you are basically awesome.

  2. Thanks for making me think of the positive side! February is making me feel overwhelmed, so it’s good to pause to remember why I do what I do.

    February brings lacrosse season! My high school junior, who has never played a high school sport, went out for the team and made it! Practice is every day and she isn’t driving yet, but the effort of getting her there and back is definitely worthwhile. My middle schooler, a self-described bookworm/geek, loves lacrosse and plays for the rec team. Lots of ride scheduling also, but I am thrilled she has found a sport she enjoys.

    Girl Scout cookies arrive this weekend! Cases of them will be delivered to my house. A reminder that my troop (11 7th graders) is still going strong since kindergarten. I must not be too terrible a leader.

    My husband and I had two nights out this month. Neither one was interrupted by a phone call from the girls to settle an argument at home. I sense more freedom in our future!

    • @patty – congrats to claire on the lacrosse! team sports are so good for girls. yay!

      love that erin is a bookworm/geek – me too!

      girl scouts RULE! so glad they have you to help them become strong young women.

      yay for date nights and kids being able to handle themselves at home alone for a few hours.

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