Tiny Tips Tuesday: Tips for Starting & Sustaining A Daily Meditation Practice

So much has happened in recently.   The phone call you never want to get. The last minute plane tickets. Public crying – at my most happy of places – the airport. The person I have loved the longest in … Continue reading

Meditation Mantra Or How To Stay In The Moment Without Losing Your Marbles

Does your mind become really active and agitated in quiet yoga poses and when you sit in meditation? Like there is a pack of wild cracked-up monkeys living it up in there? Me too. My secret to not losing my … Continue reading

7 Steps to Jump Start Your Meditation Practice

1. Read every meditation book you can get your hands on. 2. Think about meditation. A lot. 3. Sign up for a group meditation. 4. Collect meditation accessories – bolster, block, blankets, scarf, cushion, timer, candle, mantra, essential oils, CDs. … Continue reading

2014: A Year in Review

Dear Friend, 2014. It was a YEAR. I started by taking the month of January to reflect on the previous year and then spent the rest of the year really putting my self-care practices to the test. Looking through all … Continue reading

Tiny Tips Tuesday: Make the Most of Your Summer – Part 2

Dear Friend, Have you started your Summer of Intentionality lists yet? {Missed last week’s Part One: To Read post? Check it out here for details}… Today I share with you my Summer of Intentionality To Do List aka my list … Continue reading

Tiny Tips Tuesday: My Secret for Maintaining Self-Care Practices

Dear Friend, Recently several people have asked how I maintain a meditation practice (and a yoga practice and a writing practice). They were trying to learn my “secret” so they could add these useful practices into their own lives. My … Continue reading

Nikki Stern: TGBTS Featured Teacher

Dear Friend, Today I am sharing this month’s Featured Teacher, Nikki Stern. She is a holistic health coach who works to help people see how the food they eat contributes to their mood. On a personal note, working with Nikki … Continue reading

Tiny Tips Tuesday: Make Less Decisions To Have More Energy

Dear Friend, Every day we’re faced with making a boatload of decisions. Big decisions. Little decisions. Hard decisions. Easy decisions. What to eat, what to wear, what classes to take, when to practice at home. So Many.Decisions. Are you already … Continue reading

Tiny Tips Tuesday: Use A Timer to Take Better Care of Yourself

Dear Friend, Several people have asked me recently about how I find time for things I want to do like self-care when there are so many things in life that must be done even if I don’t want to. {I’m … Continue reading

Tiny Tips Tuesday: 19 Tips for Taking Care of Yourself While Also Taking Care of Your Loved Ones

Dear Friend, I am not going to lie. This past week was HARD. Quite possibly one of the hardest of my life. Something about parenting a small child while being far away from my own ailing mama plus the reality … Continue reading

8 Tips: Self-Care for the Holiday Season

1. Start now. I know the holidays – Thanksgiving, Hannukkah, Christmas – are weeks away. Now is the perfect time to start taking really good care of yourself or at least start planning what you are going to do! It is … Continue reading

How To: Make Yourself Happier The Easy Way

Start a gratitude practice. I know, I know. It sounds lame, but the science supports it. UC Berkeley studies gratitude. UC Davis studies gratitude. More brain study research here. And the science shows, if you want to feel more joy, … Continue reading

Ten Things I Loved: September 2013

For the last few months I have been doing these reflection posts after being inspired by Rosie’s. Taking time each month to reflect on the good things that happen each day/week/month has done wonders for my ability to actually stop and notice the good … Continue reading

Rosie Molinary of The Healthy, Happy, Sane Teacher: TGBTS Featured Teacher

Teachers. Don’t you just love them? I know I do. There are those that inspire me and those that make me laugh. Some help me solve problems in my classroom and others that help me solve problems in my life. I’d … Continue reading

Sarah Von Bargen of Yes and Yes: TGBTS Featured Teacher

Teachers. Don’t you just love them? I know I do. There are those that inspire me and those that make me laugh. Some help me solve problems in my classroom and others that help me solve problems in my life. I’d … Continue reading

How I Overcame the Holiday Humbug In 7 Steps

image source: we heart it I have a long history of hating the holidays. All of them, but especially the ones the last six weeks of the year. Yes, even as a kid. Maybe it was the high expectations for … Continue reading

Spring Cleaning and Planting Seeds

Spring Cleaning – out with the old: – Comparisons be damned! – Glasses organized – hanging on a white wooden clothes hanger and now I’m wearing ALL my glasses and feeling fancy with my cute glasses wardrobe. Thanks to Pinterest … Continue reading

What I’m Excited About: Sacramento Edition

So many good things going on locally that I feel the need to share. My friends Amanda from Urban Almanac and Christine from Stinky Buddha have started a mindful meditation/discussion group. The first meeting is tonight. It’s All Yoga is … Continue reading