Who I Am

I’m Tami Hackbarth.

I teach people 100% Guilt-Free Self-Care.

I offer at home private gentle and restorative yoga practices, help with setting up a daily meditation practice, easy/doable lifestyle changes which bring more health, happiness and sanity into homes filled with busy people.

I’m a former politico, public school teacher turned restorative yoga teacher. I believe the stress of modern life caused by too much work, unhealed trauma, and the cultural love of busyness can be cured with restorative yoga.

For years I worked long hours thinking if I just put more time into my job I could some how get ahead instead of always feeling like I was one step behind or I could make even more of a difference. Only when I got too sick to get out of bed would I allow myself to rest.

During my yoga teacher training at It’s All Yoga in Sacramento I discovered the benefits of restorative yoga and have seen my own mental and physical health dramatically improve from this practice.

Essentially I learned I could be more productive by taking a break and taking care of myself.

As a recovering Type A perfectionist, I know how hard it is to take a break. However, I’ve seen first hand how taking care of myself enables me to take better care of those who depend on me.

Sound good? Then let’s practice taking care of ourselves together.

Want keep in touch?

Email – tami underscore hackbarth at hotmail dot com

Free subscription – top right corner.

TGBTS is on Instagram Facebook  Twitter Pinterest

Hungry for more about TGBTS?

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10 thoughts on “Who I Am

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  4. Hey Tami,
    It’s your old pal from El Sobrante. I just wanted to say Hi and would love to catch up with you over an email or two someday. Glad to see you made it out alive!

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