Birthday List: 43 Before 43

The List:

1. Take my birthday (March 20th) off – no work, no obligations – just fun.

2. Take an anti-gravity yoga class.

3. Road trip to Portland with Ruby. Revised to plane trip to Portland  July 2012

4. Take Ruby to see live music. June 2012

5. Read 43 books.

6. Put my feet in the ocean with Ruby. January 2012

7. Pick berries.

8. Go on retreat. November 2012

9. Teach an active yoga class. January 2013

10. Go to the movies by myself. {Yep, I’ve never done this. I have, however, gone to a rock show on my own so don’t feel too sorry for me.} Now I’ve done both and I highly advocate going to rock shows and the movies on your own.

11. Attend a service at a Universal Unitarian church.

12. Explore the Taiwanese culture in Sacramento.

13. Learn 10 words/phrases in Mandarin.

14. Run a 5K.

15. Write a fan letter. Two! I wrote two! – August 2012 and October 2012

16. Rent a house at the coast or in the mountains.

17. Teach a class on social media and blogging to teachers.

18. Sleep outside.

19. Do a swim workout.

20. Watch my first students graduate from high school. –  Scheduled for June 2013

21. Spend a week away from the Internet.

22. See a play.

23. Go to a sing along at the Crest. Attended a screening of White Christmas in December 2012 and totally count this because I sang a long.

24. Take a photography class.  September 2012

25. Take a cooking class.

26. Take a private yoga class.

27. Actually make something I’ve pinned on Pinterest.  11/27/11 – post

28. Go to the ballet.

29. Have a family portrait taken.

30. Watch a movie outside in the backyard.

31. Take Ruby on a hike. Babies are ridiculous. They really just want you to carry them. — July  2012

32. Help a friend start a blog.

33. Build an outdoor shower.

34. Make a wall of bookshelves in the dining room. — November 2012 – now to just make them pretty….

35. Redesign the entryway and make it pretty and useful.

36. Start a mom/play group in Midtown.

37. Teach a class at my gym.

38. Organize the pantry. And I didn’t even take pictures. Just know, one of the best things I ever did. — September 2012

39. Get rid of all the shoes I don’t wear because they are uncomfortable. — April 2012

40. Take a nap in a hammock. Edited to READ in a hammock. All summer 2013

41. Host a baby shower. — July 2012

42. Take a photo every day {for a month}. REVISED 1/8/12

43. Make the Book of Me into a book.

Pretty self-explanatory, however if you’d like the whole reason for 43 instead of 42.
Image source: We Heart It.

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