jodi helmer


Jodi H., Charlotte, NC says of her time as a private client via Skype:

Tami rocks!

She took the time to understand what I needed and developed amazing practices that left me feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

I really appreciated the opportunity to schedule a  practice in my home at a time that was convenient for me.

I’m so grateful for the time Tami spent guiding me through an individualized practice and giving me the tools to continue practicing on my own.

nikki 250


Nikki S., Sacramento, California says of her time as an in person private yoga client:

I felt pretty good about where I was.  I meditated here and there, I did yoga, I always strive for mindfulness over craziness.  But I still got caught up in life as a new business owner, raising a toddler, being a wife and a friend, and trying to do ALL of the things and it would make me feel a little frazzled.  

I wanted to have some new tools, to relax and refocus myself in the middle of the day, wind down at night, but I was concerned about how I would actually implement it.

I more than got what I was looking for.  I totally have tools and the fact that the restorative practice actually made me live better, feel better and calm the crazy made me want to do it more often.

alexis-bio-photo 250

Alexis M., Boston, Massachusetts says of group restorative classes:

I really struggle with restorative yoga classes. As a chronic “overcommiter” and “must-accomplish more” fanatic, I rarely take the time to sit, be still, and let my physical and emotional body settle and calm.

Tami gets it – she understands why it can be hard to carve out this time and then helps me to understand why it is crucial to my overall health. She has a welcoming and grounding presence which helps me to feel safe and supported when I am sprawled out over props with my eyes closed in a restorative pose. Tami encourages me to listen to my body – to adjust a pose to meet my needs and to stay in a pose for as long as I want to, regardless of where the rest of the class is headed.

My chief complaint about Tami’s classes? That they are not offered everyday and that they aren’t longer. More restoratives for all!

ryan-wedding 250

Ryan F, Kalamazoo, Michigan says of group restorative classes:

When I am in a Restorative Yoga class, my mind gets the rest it so desperately needs after going a bazillion miles an hour most of the day. Plus, even though it is not a traditionally physical form of yoga, in the sense that it is super aerobic, it does relieve just as much (if not) more tension from the parts of the body that have been holding stress and stiffness.

I love classes with Tami because she is real. She acknowledges both why this kind of practice might be seem weird at first, but also why it is so important. She gives us permission to let it all go.

Always more props! More props!

chris p 250Chris P., Sacramento, California says of group restorative classes:

I tell my people that Tami’s restorative yoga class is the most relaxing hour+ of the month and unless you are bleeding, I’m going. I like how soothing Tami’s classes are. Tami is a wonderful guide.




Jessica H., Sacramento, California says of group restorative classes:

I tell friends and family it is my dream of having a yoga nap. I love how good Tami is at making the flow of poses seem natural. And that we get to hold the poses so long.

Would like to take class with me or schedule a private restorative yoga session? 


Smiling Savasana by lululemon athletica on Flickr (cc)

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