The First Day of (Half Marathon) School

Remember what it was like to go to a new school? The fear? The anxiety? The self-doubt?

Remember all those feelings of angst and what-if-nobody-talks-to-mes and what-if-they-are-already-friends-with-everyones and no-one-wants- to-be- my- friend?

That’s how I was feeling about going to my first day of half marathon training.

Just like every other night before school, I set out my clothes the night before. I set my alarm and went to bed early.

Unlike most night before schoolers, I slept fitfully. That’s one benefit of being a teacher, you have so many first days of school that you can now sleep well the night before because you have so much practice.

At the first signs of my alarm clock’s light (I have the Bio-Brite) I got up, got dressed and ate some tea and toast. The morning sky was covered in thick, wet fog and out the door I went dressed in my best Johnny Cash exercise outfit: black pants, black shirt, black jacket, black shoes and of course, a black hat.

I left 30 minutes before I needed to be there just to be sure I’d be on time and of course arrived 20 minutes early. Just enough time to look around the parking lot for a single face I recognized.

No one.

Hundreds of people and I know no one? Really?

All this time I was hoping that I’d know someone so I wouldn’t be the only friendless person.

And once again the universe answered.

Finally someone I knew!

Next time I ask the universe of something, I’m going to be more specific.

It’s a good thing the coaching is so great (I already got a useful tip!) and the other kids were so nice (thanks Lucy and Deana!) because otherwise it would be a long couple of months trying to ignore the only person I knew there who was trying really hard to ignore me.

2 thoughts on “The First Day of (Half Marathon) School

  1. That sucks to see someone you know and then be ignored or ignore them. What was wrong with this person?

    How was the training day? I ran on Saturday and was thinking of you.

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