Lame Food Confession UPDATE! – Bonus Recipe Edition!

Recently I spilled the proverbial beans about my inability to consume a respectable amount of fruits and vegetables despite my claim of being a healthy eater. I called it my Lame Food Confession and since confessing that I have trouble finding fruits and vegetables in my mouth, not just my refrigerator, I have learned a great many things.  

1. I actually like the taste of most fruits and vegetables. Plain fruits. Plain vegetables. Don’t even have to do anything to them and they already taste pretty good.  

2. Before I’d been eating way too many granola bars – Clif Kid Organic Zbar in Chocolate Chip – I love you, but you get in the way of my fruit and vegetable consumption.  

3. As it turns out, I know someone who works for the used-to-be 5-a-day folks. It’s now called Fruits and Veggies: More Matters – and even she has trouble fitting it all in. The new name actually clears up confusion about the amount, although it doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.  

4. Many people I spoke to didn’t know about the new name AND didn’t know what qualified as a serving.  

5. My trousers are already fitting a bit looser.  

6. I’m less hungry during the day.  

7. I feel more virtuous when I actually remember.  

8.  Some friends even sent in recipes during the first Lame Food Confession.  

Here’s one I apdated from Leili –  

Broccoli Slaw  

Cut up fresh brocoli  

Throw in some blueberries ( I used thawed frozen organics from Trader Joe’s)  

Raisins (for some extra sweetness)  

Sliced almonds (for some extra crunch)  

Flax seeds (for some extra fiber)  

Combine with some ginger vinaigrette.  

I used Annie’s Naturals Gingerly Vinaigrette  


Food photography: Harder than it looks!


Care to share YOUR fruit and vegetable confessions? What about tips, techniques and recipes for getting your daily allowance in? Leave a comment and you may find your recipe featured here someday.

14 thoughts on “Lame Food Confession UPDATE! – Bonus Recipe Edition!

  1. I LOVE the sound of that salad recipe, Tami! I will give that a try, just as soon as get some flax seeds (which won’t be difficult; i have a great natural foods store near my work).

    re: eating the same thing for breakfast every day…

    My favorite of the past 2 weeks has been oatmeal with frozen blueberries (thawed) and strawberries. I recently bought a bag of flax meal and add 2 tbsp of that, which actually makes the oatmeal consistency much thicker and denser (hardier!). I do add a little milk. Even my 3-y/o loves it!

    However, i get into a rut. My “faves” are just fads. They don’t last forever. I will do smoothies one week and cheerios the next. Oatmeal for 2, then… what? Breakfast is tough because I’m often rushing in the morning, but I’m LOVING some of the ideas here! They sound simple enough and, most importantly, they sound really good!

    Another friend of mine has been posting pics of her Green Smoothies in my “The Food We Make” group on Facebook (plug!) and I see one above in your replies.

    Looks like 1 more week of oatmeal (till the berries run out) and then it’ll be back to smoothies – but this time GREEN ones! They sound…. intriguing, but since I love just about every veggie/fruit there is, how can it be anything but good?


    See you Saturday!

    • @steph – the broccoli slaw is really good. fresh blueberries would hold their color better, just a note if you want more green, less purple.

      who knew i knew such creatures of habit?!?! i eat something different most days – i never know what i’ll be having until i put it together. i like this rotation idea.

      green smoothies scare me, but i’m going to make one soon. damnit.

      i added photos to the group! did you see?!??! can’t wait to see you saturday! also – change your rsvp to yes so we’ve got enough goodies.

  2. Tami,
    You asked what I eat every morning since I told you I eat the same thing every day. I have a bowl of steel-cut oats w/ raisins, cranberries or apricots, walnuts, chocolate chips and milk. I got the idea for the choc chips from you! I had always been OK with oatmeal but my new way is good enough to have every day. It fills me up. Sometimes I mix it up by adding a piece of toast or banana. :-)
    Other than that I don’t have a regular menu, but I am definitely a homemade soup girl.

    • @jenna – i do love a bowl of steel cut oats. although i did eat a lot of them this winter and i’ve been resisting them for a couple weeks now. it does fill me up too. sometimes i take it for lunch for that very reason.

      mmmmm, soup. i need some good soup recipes.

  3. Green Smoothies are pretty much changing my life. Seriously. One of my Twitter friends posts here and there about them, so I decided to give it a go. Lawdy, I’m a fiend now. I’ve tried to do raw veggies in the past, but having a huge bowl of broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, etc. causes uncomfortable, er, problems. Blending the goodies in a smoothie does a lot of the work for your tummy, but you still get all the awesome benefits. And they taste really good! I’m a convert now. I have a green smoothie every morning. I like to put chia seeds in mine, kale or spinach, fruit, and whatever else sounds like a good idea. :)

    • @yisforyogini – thanks for stopping by! i have to admit, i am a little afraid of the green smoothies. i love that you touched on the delicate topic of “tummy trouble” – that’s one of the main issues here. well, that and the taste. at some point (soon!) i’m going to rip the bandaid off and just do it!

  4. I too eat the same thing for breakfast every day. It’s part of my attempts to eat healthier, and once I found something I liked, I decided to have it every day. It’s actually easy– don’t have to think about anything, no surprise extra things I don’t need.
    A couple ideas:
    Carrot salads are delicious and a good way to get veggies even when all you have is a bag of carrots in the fridge (maybe you don’t have that problem?!). My fave: carrots grated in the food processor, toss with salt, orange juice, and raisins. Madhur Jaffrey’s World Vegetarian has good carrot salad ideas.
    Sneak greens into food, esp. soup.
    I definitely need to eat more fruit and vegs, so thanks for the inspiration! And I love the pic of the slaw!

    • @jenna – what’s the deal with the breakfast uniform? who knew!??!? i love that i’m getting to know my friends through all this.

      all that being said, what do you eat every day?

      carrot salad…. mmmmmm. sweet, crunchy. and i know i already love it. i’m so making this one! thanks for the idea.

      thanks for the photo love. i am trying!

  5. food confession: i eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch every day. frankly, i’m getting a little tired of it. i’ll eventually change to something else and then i’ll eat that same thing every day until i want to slit my wrist. insane creature of habit.

    love that you’re feeling more virtuous for eating well. i do that too. and i have an immediate target in the house…

    my recommendation for food photography: hair and make up

    • @mm – i’m intrigued by this eat the same thing everyday until you can no longer face that food again. it reminds me of einstein’s wearing the same outfit everyday so he didn’t have to waste his thinking on what to wear. maybe you are on to something here….

      hair and make up? HA! i’ll try that next time!

  6. that salad looks amazingly healthy. that is a lot of antioxidant, cruciferous crunchiness going on!

    in my vegetarian days, i was the worst vegetable eater ever, leaning toward the all-carb camp. ironically, now that i’m omnivorous, i eat way more veggies than i ever did when i called myself a vegetarian. it’s still a struggle, but the more i learn, the easier it gets.

    i generally don’t enjoy eating lettuce. but i just figured out that if i take a tortilla (a whole grain, pliable kind works best) and warm it in a pan with a little bit of melted cheese and maybe a schmear of fresh avocado, i can roll it up with a huge handful (or two) of spring mix or arugula or mesclun and eat my salad that way. it doesn’t even need dressing. and i can pack a lot of greens into that tortilla, let me tell you.

    my new favorite thing is miso dressing, which is helping to up my cabbage consumption (again with the cruciferous veggies!). because of its heft, it’s good for tossing with thinly cut cabbage (red and green) and carrots to make a slaw. if i were dressing a salad with more delicate leaves, i would thin the dressing out considerably with more water or juice. this also makes a great dip for veggies.

    the base recipe is roughly:

    1/2 cup miso paste (i use a non-soy miso because of allergies)
    1/2 cup water
    2 tablespoons vegetable oil (canola, peanut)
    1-2 tablespoons rice vinegar
    1 tablespoon of honey or sugar
    a few dashes of toasted sesame oil

    blend it all in a blender/with an immersion blender till smooth.

    optional add-ins (any or all):
    freshly grated ginger
    freshly grated garlic
    a pinch of cayenne
    a few tablespoons of orange juice
    a tablespoon of peanut butter
    sesame seeds
    black or white pepper

    • @v3 – lettuce on its own? snore. i don’t get it.

      the cheesy, melty, avacado-y stufed full of greens? now, that’s something i can get my head around! i’m off the coop now.

      i love cabbage. i NEVER eat cabbage. i was so much better at eating cabbage when i had a CSA box – it put food i wouldn’t otherwise eat, right in front of my eyes. and then like magic, i’d eat it because it was there.

      seriously, yum. i’ll be making some this weekend and practicing my food photography. btw, thanks for all the advice. this is fun!

    • @madeleine – i was a little afraid of the raw broccoli and all the sweet stuff together, but man that was good stuff. and it held up well in the fridge for leftovers. the issue is that it got more and more purple as time went on. those blueberries spread their love everywhere.

      ps- i think i may make it for the next fairy convention.

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