What Does This Smell Like to You? – Recipe Edition Part 2

Ok, here’s the real deal on the green smoothie.  

I’ve now made two batches of the Berry Blast recipe.  

The first time, I improvised by using unsweetened applesauce and frozen spinach.  

Frozen spinach?  

I know.  

Sue me, I hadn’t been to the store in a couple of days and I wanted to try it.  

I put everything in the blender, whizzed it up quickly and viola!  

A dark purple “green smoothie”!  

I poured some in a pint glass (this recipe makes A. LOT.) and took a gulp.  


And I couldn’t even taste the spinach!  

I didn’t take photos because it was a trial run and it was a true on-the-go breakfast so I simply enjoyed it on my way to school.  

Fast forward to this past weekend.  

I sent the dude to the farmer’s market for some fresh spinach and real apples.  

I love frozen berries so that was already taken care of.  

Into the blender went the berries, apple and water.  

Then it was time to add the spinach.  

I quickly rinsed it, shook it to dry, cut it up and added it to my blender.  


Ready to go.  

I put a straw into the blender to see if the fresh spinach made a difference in the taste and thought, “That’s not the same as last time!” 

I added a teaspoon of honey. 


Back in went the straw and I thought, “Oh that’s better.”  

I poured the hubs a little one.  

He brings the glass up to his lips to take a sip and asks,  

“Does this smell like dirt?”  

To be honest, it smelled more like as he finally put it, “football practice”.  

A heady mixture of grass and dirt for those that don’t know. 

it really smelled more like grass.


 Do you have any good kitchen stories? What is the funniest thing anyone has ever said about something you’ve made? What weird substitutes have you made in the kitchen?  

4 thoughts on “What Does This Smell Like to You? – Recipe Edition Part 2

  1. I’ve never had a green smoothie without bananas. The more greens I add, the more banana I add – it adds enough sweetness. :)

    The next time I make one, I am going to have to smell it. I don’t have a great sense of smell, so mine could totally smell like grass – or football practice – and I might not even know.

    • @elizabeth – strangely, i am not a fan of the banana. i may have to try it in a smoothie to see if i can benefit from it’s goodness witout the texture issues. although it would be great if i could find some non-banana flavored bananas….

      definitely let me know how the smell test turns out. i’m curious to know if it was just us or just that batch with the not-quite-grit-free spinach.

  2. Smells like grass is not the worst thing I’ve heard, LOL. I am drinking a berry smoothie right now, thanks to the hubs, who is a much better cook than I am. When this book is done, I am spending my summer on three things: yoga, cooking, and kiddos. Cannot wait until June 2nd!

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