Saturday Senses

Saturday Senses is a way to capture the spirit of each week.   


TnT in SF




tasting ::  thai noodle salad from cafe bernardo
hearing ::  a brilliant new song from my favorite band


smelling :: crisp bay breezes in San Francisco 

seeing ::   old 97’s in san francisco – in the daylight! for free! 

feeling ::  jet-lagged. {i’m finally sleeping through the night again} 

wishing/hoping ::  i get to play with friends near and far before i go back to work august 23rd. 

What are your senses this Saturday?  Looking back, how was your week?     

Leave me a comment to tell me made your week memorable.     

This weekly tradition was inspired by Pink of Perfection’s Five Sense Friday.  

{photo credit @jeaninoakland

{video credit to kmattick

3 thoughts on “Saturday Senses

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  2. I went to Cafe Bernardo on my last visit to Sac. I recall a very yummy breakfast. :)

    I hope your jet lag eases soon and you have lots of play time with friends!

    Hmmmm. Memorable? A good hike. Some good chats with friends. Lots of lemonade.

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