Saturday Senses

Saturday Senses is a way to capture the spirit of each week.  


tasting ::  perfect farmer’s market strawberries in august.

hearing ::  lots of great feedback on the michelle from it’s all yoga interview. {stay tuned for part 2!}

smelling ::  a mid-week spa day: sauna and hot tub. 

seeing :: students working for preferred activity time! fred jones is a secret genius.

feeling ::  tired. the first few weeks of school keep me up too late and wake me up too early. can’

wishing/hoping ::  everyone has a safe and restful holiday weekend.

What are your senses this Saturday?  Looking back, how was your week?    

Leave me a comment to tell me made your week memorable.    

This weekly tradition was inspired by Pink of Perfection’s Five Sense Friday

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2 thoughts on “Saturday Senses

  1. I always enjoy your Saturday Senses.
    I too have been enjoying stuff from the farmers’ market, but not strawberries (peaches, grapes, etc. instead). But there’s nothing like fresh strawberries. Yum!
    I totally relate to the brain thing and lack of sleep. I haven’t slept enough since I got back from Brazil, and now I find myself thinking about classes in the middle of the night. Ugh. ;-)

    • @jenna: i am so glad to hear you enjoy saturday senses. the comments are really quiet on them, so i haven’t been sure. thank you for leaving a comment.

      i’m very much looking forward to being into the school year enough that it isn’t keeping us/getting us up early. i’m still tired.

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