Wonder: Who Are You When You Are Perfectly Still?

Prompt: How did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life this year?


Recently at a yoga+writing workshop we were asked to answer the following question:

Who are you when you are perfectly still?

We were asked to a write a word at the end of the page and write a story that leads to the word.

See if you can guess my word.


Once there was a little kid, who despite being quite bright, had some trouble at school.

The bright student just would not do the work.

Quietly sitting, not participating, not following along.

Just sitting.

It turns out this kid had other things on the brain. Big issues at home no one at school knew the depth of.

See, the grown ups in this kid’s life were fuck-ups. They didn’t know what to do or how to help or even to acknowledge that they, themselves were the cause of the issues of the kid.

The girl, she did what ever necessary to be “good.”

But the boy, he acted out.

No one knew how to help them.

She suffered silently while he cried out for help.


So who are you when you are perfectly still?

Prompt Author:

Jeff Davis

The Journey from the Center to the Page


6 thoughts on “Wonder: Who Are You When You Are Perfectly Still?

  1. I can relate to both kids. I was like the girl until I hit puberty, and then I started acting out. No one had any idea how to handle me at that point because I’d always been a good girl. My grown-ups were general fuck-ups, too, in lots of ways. *HUG*

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