Saturday Senses

tasting :: steamed lentils and beets with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

hearing :: fox confessor brings the flood and blitzen trapper.

smelling :: the change from the heater in the morning to the air conditioner in the afternoon.

seeing :: the sidewalk drawing above in front of my house. a sweet note from the neighborhood kids.

feeling :: relief our last bit of adoption paperwork has been sent off , gratitude for the wide open weekend and proud of myself for slogging through report cards friday afternoon instead of having that albatross hanging around all weekend.

wishing/hoping :: everyone experiences some space for absolutely nothing this weekend.

What about you?

What are your senses this Saturday?

Looking back, how was your week?

Leave a comment and tell me all about it. I’d seriously love to hear about your week. Now’s not the time to be shy.

This weekly tradition inspired by Pink of Perfection’s Five Sense Friday.

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6 thoughts on “Saturday Senses

  1. Well, isn’t that the sweetest thing! Here’s a quickie on my senses for today:

    tasting – the yummiest grilled cheese sandwich: made with Ezekiel bread, ghee, and raw sharp cheddar

    hearing – peace and quiet — shut the bedroom door and shut out the sound of the TV

    smelling – a pumpkin mask, then an aloe mask, then a cucumber mask, all from my amazing facial this morning

    seeing – a hell of a lot of housework that needs to be tackled

    feeling – stiff and creaky after a week of lingering stress

    wishing/hoping – for exactly what you said — space for nothingness

    • @leili:
      rocking that grilled cheese – go girl!
      doors are friends. so are earplugs when necessary (like at work when the kids are working together)
      so happy the facial happened – at home or a salon?
      2 chicks with broomsticks = best money i spend every month
      hope the yoga nap helped
      did you find some quiet space?

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