Meet Ruby: 32 Months In the Making

After what seems like an eternity, we finally got a referral!

(In English means we were matched with a baby).

We’ve decided to call her Ruby.

Projected travel time: 6-8 months from now (lots of paperwork and time in court).

Not to worry, we have about 10 bazillion house projects to do and finally a reason to do them.

We will keep you all updated with new pictures as they come in and updates on travel as we find out.

Thank you for all your support and love over the last 32 months.

30 thoughts on “Meet Ruby: 32 Months In the Making

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  5. Tami! I just read this! Saw the subject line in my email and thought it was an interview you had been trying to score…I am SO thrilled for you and Jed! She is precious and I ADORE your name choice! 6 months is going to seem like forever but what happy anticipation! You are going to be an incredible mommy! Yay! Could not be more excited for you =) hugs!

  6. Congratulations my friend~ I am so happy for you and your new family!

    She is absolutely adorable~ I cannot wait to meet her!

  7. sign me up for her first photo session and subsequent babysitting gigs! i hope she gets to bring the (ruby) red, sparkly headgear with her. i can’t wait to meet her <3

  8. OH MY GOD! She is fantastic! I am thrilled for you, the power of her baby gaze made me sit STRAIGHT up in the chair with wide eyes and a big smile! Congratulations doesn’t come close, but congratulations. A real gem!

  9. And with those amazing little pinkies up, is that a mudra I’m spying or just practice for future tea parties?

      • Look at her sweet little right hand: tt’s *totally* Kwan Yin in Tarjani Mudra! (And to Tami, I can’t. stop. visiting. this. page… Must. have. more. Ruby. sweetness.)

  10. Ever since you sent me her picture, I keep peeking at her and getting so excited. Love her already. So freaking happy for you three.

  11. o.m.g. squeeeee! She’s so adorable (and I for one advocate the headband as a permanent feature). So happy for you three!

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