Summer of Intentionality Part One: What I Want to Learn


Thinking back over the summers since becoming a teacher I’ve noticed a pattern. International travel every other year and lots of hanging out not doing much the other years.

Not a bad gig, if you can get it.

But this summer is different. This summer is the summer before we become parents.

We’ve got baby things to prepare for and house projects galore. The travels of  past summers were exciting and gave me lots of cool things to talk about, but if I’m honest, a lot of that time wasn’t time spent on purpose.

The hanging out doing nothing much? Clearly, not so mindful.

This summer shall be different. This summer shall be full of intention and mindfulness.

And FUN!

Let’s not forget the FUN!

I declare summer 2011 the Summer of Intentionality.

Thanks to my Twitter friend, author Rosie Molinary, for inspiring this project.

Here’s her summer list.

What I Want to Learn:

1. How to edit photos.

I’ve downloaded Picasa and my new photos of the old 97’s show last weekend. Sounds like a match made in heaven.

2. How to Skype.

This was a Winter Break intention and yet still no webcam. I will join the 21st century this summer!

3. How to knit.

Recently I saw some women knitting at the airport looking so peaceful, I decided in that moment I wanted to become one of them. Knitting looks like quiet activity that keeps me busy, but doesn’t involve a screen.

4. How to use the weight room at the gym.

So many interesting machines and I have no idea how to use them. My thinking is I’ll better mix up my workouts and keep it fresh.

5. How to be a traveler in my own backyard.

Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area was great, except for the part I never went to any of the attractions because I grew up there. This summer I plan to make a bunch of day trips back to the Bay Area to see the sights and escape the Sacramento heat.


Ferry to San Francisco

Brush up on my science and get inspired for next school year at the Academy of Sciences.

See some of Picasso’s pieces at the DeYoung.

Take in some modern art at SFMOMA.

Stick my toes in the sand and swim in the ocean at Stinson Beach.

What is your must see/do in San Francisco?


Stay tuned for more Summer of Intentionality goals: What I Want to Read and What I Want to Do.

Feel free to join in the fun.

Would you like to teach me how to do my stuff or learn along side me?

Would you like to come up with a list of your own?

I’d love to hear how you are spending your summer.  Leave your plans in the comments.

12 thoughts on “Summer of Intentionality Part One: What I Want to Learn

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  5. Hi friend! So, I think I have a webcam FOR YOU, like one you can actually have because we don’t use it and I’d love to see it go to a good home. So, I can gift you one and show you how to use it, plus Skype and Picasa. Also, let’s pick a date for the DeYoung ASAP. Yay teacher friends! Also, I have a visitor coming soon that I *think* you’re gonna wanna meet.

  6. Wonderful idea. I would love to join you on the science adventure. I have free passes the Science Academy at UC Berkley. You sound like you are going to have a wonderful summer.

  7. What a great list! Thank you for sharing it.

    In the spirit of sharing, here’s what happens when you open my manual to page one right now:

    Summer Principles:
    1.) Practice Contentment
    2.) Open to Delight
    3.) Be of Service

    Summer Practices:
    1.) Keep a tidy house
    2.) Do more asana
    3.) Don’t touch my face.

    That should keep me pretty busy all summer!

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