TGBTS Recipe Edition! Coconut Mint Tea

It’s Wednesday and that means the Recipe Edition!


After an incredibly long, wet {and wonderful} spring, we’re officially in summer. We’ve got the triple digit heat to prove it if the calendar wasn’t enough evidence.

Summertime in Sacramento provides us with ample opportunities for trying to stay cool. For someone like me who naturally runs a little hot, it’s an even bigger job.

Y is for Yogini came up with some super pitta soothing tips which I will be following faithfully this summer. I would also add drink this tea daily (and take day trips to San Francisco like we are today!).



Coconut Mint Tea {or what sure tastes a lot like Bliss from Temple}


1-2 cups coconut milk

1 serving of  mint tea, mint sprigs, or an organic TJ’s blend – delicious!

1 TBS local honey


Pour coconut milk into your heating vessel {I’m not going to lie, I use a mug in the microwave. Keeps the kitchen cool!}

Put tea into coconut milk.

Heat/steep until hot, up to 4-5 minutes

Stir in honey.


I’m also thinking this would be delicious cold – guess I’d better go make some coconut milk ice cubes!


Do you have any recipes or favorite {dairy free} foods to share?

5 thoughts on “TGBTS Recipe Edition! Coconut Mint Tea

  1. I just remembered that my neighbor made sun tea a lot last summer. He’d put water and a couple of tea bags in a Mason jar and leave it out in the sun for the afternoon.

    • @elizabeth: love sun tea! thanks for the reminder. i used to drink it all summer long at my grandparents lake house. good ole lipton suntea. if we’re going to have the blazing heat, we may as well make good use of it. better get the clothes line out too if i’m following that logic!

      i must investigate these drink options. i’ve got a glass blender, so colored fruits be damned! thanks for the ideas.

  2. I had this fabulous drink at a Mexican restaurant last summer. It was coconut milk, cucumbers, and water. Oh, and sugar. I tried making it at home. It just didn’t turn out the same, but my search for an actual recipe brought me to all these yummy sounding recipes for Aguas Frescas, and I am determined to try at least one of them this summer. I did make a watermelon drink one year but it turned my blender pink in the process.

    Wishing you coolness! :)

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