I Like It Local: Song of the Day


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SO much can and does change in a week.

Hello, reality!

No back to school shopping or lesson planning for me. Just getting ready for the Rubes.

Song notes:

1. The hubs is a bit sad we’re missing the Forever Goldrush show at Harlow’s August 12th because we’ll be out-of-town, so he’s been playing a lot of FGR this week.

2. I’ve been reminded just how much I loved Damon’s voice and FGR’s debut album Unknown Territory with songs like Songs Bottles Get Broken To, Still In The Water, and Hey Cowboy – how could I not?

3. Now I’m bummed we aren’t in town to see them. Are you in Sacramento the 12th? If so, get over to Harlow’s and have a beer for me.


Who are your favorite local music makers?


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For other songs that have gotten stuck in my head recently:

Previous Songs

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