ABC’s of Me

A bit about me which I hope inspires a bit about you.

Thanks to Frugal Babe for the idea!

The Teacher Gets Alphabetized

A – Age: 41

B – Bed Size: Queen

C – Chore I Dislike:

Work – grading homework, so I don’t. Check it and chuck it is my motto.

Home – dishes.

D – Dog: – I really, really like other people’s dogs.

E – Essential start to my day: Social media

F – Favorite color: – All shades of blue.

G – Gold or Silver? White Gold or silver.

H – Height: 5’4″

I – Instruments played: violin, flute and recorder – all in elementary school with limited success. Daily practice? Hahahaha.

J – Job Title: Elementary school teacher (on parental leave), yoga teacher, desk diva, special projects make-happener.

K – Kids: Very, very soon The Ru will be living in our house.

L – Live: In Midtown Sacramento.

M – Money tip I like best: Always have enough money in the bank so you don’t need your next paycheck.

N – Never plan to… sky dive, bungee jump or any other totally optional activity where I may die.

O – Overnight hospital stays: None I can remember.

P – Pet peeves:

Yoga class – a list just for you. Do you do any of these?

Work/school – inconsistency with messages to kids.

Home – hearing someone floss their teeth or hitting their teeth on the silverware.

Q – Quote from a movie: “No Dan, we were bowling partners.” Demi Moore’s character Debbie in About Last Night.

R – Righty or Lefty? Righty.

S – Siblings: Brothers – all older.

T – Time I wake up: Earlier than I would like most of the time. I’ve heard a rumor babies totally help with sleep.

U – Underwear: Yes.

V – Vegetables I don’t like: radishes, green bell peppers (let those things ripen people!), lettuce. Ok, lettuce is more of a ‘why bother’ than a dislike, but it bugs me. I totally eat it when I go out, but not at home.

W – What makes me run late:  the internet (no online mobile to go for me), unexpected traffic jams.

X – X-rays I’ve had: teeth, shoulder, feet.

Y – Yummy food I make: Recipes!

Z – Zoo animals I like: The big cats – lions, tigers, panthers, oh my! Don’t get me wrong, zoos are less animal prison-ish than in the past, but still weird.

What are the ABCs of you?

If you have a blog, please post and link back here.

If not, leave them in the comments.

2 thoughts on “ABC’s of Me

  1. Thanks for this, missy. “Underwear: Yes.” Same here. I think I might just do this since I haven’t blogged in a while. AS USUAL. And I agree about the zoos… I always feel like wow, this is cool, but you guys SHOULDN’T BE HERE. Weird.

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