Saturday Senses

A way to capture the spirit of each week…


tasting :: chicken salad (with bacon) on rosemary bread from orphan.

hearing ::  the voices in my head during my 30 minute savasanas. good god, they are a chatty bunch.

smelling :: paint {watching, not doing. i’m fancy that way.}

seeing :: friends, friends, and more friends. good god, i love my peeps. for reals.

feeling ::  ridiculously tired again. i slept through my alarm for the very first time in my life yesterday. is this my body’s way of trying to prepare me for the madness that is our taiwan trip NEXT WEEK?

wishing/hoping :: for fun times our last week before we meet the rubes.

What about you?

What are your senses this Saturday?

Looking back, how was your week?

Leave a comment and tell me all about it. I’d seriously love to hear about your week. Now’s not the time to be shy.

This weekly tradition inspired by Pink of Perfection’s Five Sense Friday.

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