The Answer Is Yes: Song of the Day


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Song notes:

1. Should Duran Duran be required by law to play this song at every show? Yes.

Am I disappointed they didn’t play it Monday night? Yes.

Did I enjoy the sing along in the parking lot after the show? Yes.

2. Did the video editor clearly spend a lot of time synching Simon’s movements to the beat? Yes.

3. Do I love all the cheekbones, defined jaw lines and pouty lips in this video? Yes.

Good god, let us not wonder why I have been blinky about these dudes for 30 years.


4. Would I very much like Simon to shave off that beard? Yes.

5. At one time in my life did I know all the awesome hand movements of this video? Yes.

6. Do I now find the naked baby in this video strange? Yes.

7. Was I previously too distracted by the high-waisted trousers and fitted shirts to notice said naked baby? Yes.

8. Am I now creeped out some perv is going to find me via that search? Yes.

9. Will I watch this video on replay today? Yes.

10. Do I think you should too? Yes.


Are you a Durannie? Who did you want to marry when you grew up?

What have you loved since junior high – music or otherwise?


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For other songs that have gotten stuck in my head recently: Previous Songs

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