Mama’s Most Used Nap Time Apps and A Request for Your Favorites

{image: Google – I so hope to take a picture like this someday.}

In the last few weeks, I’ve found myself with LOTS of quiet time every day. Not the kind where you get things done, the kind where you are pinned under a tiny human who will nap twice as long, but only if you are with her. {And no, I’m not looking to change this. I may later, but now isn’t later}.

While I could use this time to sleep myself, I fear a 90 minute nap would interfere with my night-time sleep.

For the record, I am tired during the day. Everyday. But just the thought of messing up my night-time sleep makes me a little crazy. So I stay awake, one arm pinned under my tiny human and use my iPod Touch.

Also for the record, getting old sucks. I used to be able to sleep anywhere anytime.


Netflix – Watch Instantly is my friend. I’m watching Twin Peaks (for the first time ) and Friday Night Lights. Do you have any recommendations?

Pinterest – Can. Not. Stop. Pinning. There, I said it. Believe me, I thought this was the singularly most idiotic idea {right after Facebook, of course} and now? See comment above.

Google Reader – I know, not an App, but I am keeping up on my blog reading. Commenting? Not so much.

Words With Friends – Want to play? I’m TGBTS.

NPR News + podcasts – Love me some Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me and Fresh Air and Culturetopia.


Facebook – although I hate it on my Touch. I feel like I am missing everything.


So if you were in charge of my 90 minute nap time and my iPod Touch, what would you make sure I didn’t miss?

I’m looking for your favorite Apps, TV shows, movies, podcasts – whatever I shouldn’t miss and why you love it. 

6 thoughts on “Mama’s Most Used Nap Time Apps and A Request for Your Favorites

  1. I second Instagram. I follow people, love seeing their new photos every day, and spend lots of time tinkering with my own photos, both old and new.

    This post reminded me of our conversation at Magpie last spring when I was telling you about the hours I spent every day breastfeeding Gabriel, and that it was hours of computer time without being able to type. Yes, that means no blogging, no commenting, barely being able to navigate around… Torture! The Ipod Touch saved my life.

  2. I like to use Instagram. You can edit your already taken photos now. It’s awesome. And you can follow people.

    And pretend shopping on the Etsy app is fun, too.

  3. have you seen “studio 60 on the sunset strip” on netflix? it was an nbc show that, sad for television, lasted just one season, but it is brilliant. brilliant. i’ve seen the whole season twice, and i imagine i’ll watch it again.

    podcasts: this american life, radiolab, studio360, good food (from kcrw in los angeles), grammar girl, the moth. i’ve been meaning to check out spilled milk but keep forgetting to download it.

    i play a boggle-type word game called word jewels. highly addictive. and free. yay.

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