Spring Cleaning and Planting Seeds

Spring Cleaning – out with the old:

Comparisons be damned!

– Glasses organized – hanging on a white wooden clothes hanger and now I’m wearing ALL my glasses and feeling fancy with my cute glasses wardrobe. Thanks to Pinterest for the inspiration!

– Emptied out my sock and underwear drawer and tossed all the ugly and uncomfortable. Why did it take so long to do this? Only cute and comfortable belong in those drawers.

– Purged my entire wardrobe to make room for my new wardrobe from Swap Asana. I totally scored.

–  Sorted, stashed,  and organized all Ruby’s toys into daily toy bins. Less choice makes for a less chaotic house and kid.

– Stashed almost all Ruby’s board books – turns out babies love repeats so much, this mama was going a bit kookoo.

– My sinuses – so many allergies going on here lately. Early to bed and lots of medication and I’m making it outside every day without sneezing like a crazy person.

Planting Seeds – in with the new:

– Daily park visits with the baby in hopes of planting the seed of daily physical exercise. {Maybe I can finally learn this lesson, since I’m responsible for teaching Ruby}.

– Boot organization project envisioned and supplies procured.

– Cooking 3 meals a day for the tiny girl in hopes we’ll all have a lifetime of mindful meal times. {A girl can dream}.

– Added yoga classes to my calendar – twice a week. I remember why I love it so much – quiet, community and savasana.

– Table manners – teaching the tiny one how to use a napkin and utensils and sit at the table instead of the Exersaucer. Now if only I can get her to stop dropping the napkin and utensils on the floor…

– Reading with that girl every day from her stack of library books because children are made readers on the laps of their parents. {someone please make me a t-shirt}.

Mama meditation group – next meeting May 10th.

What have you been clearing out? What are you planting the seeds of?

photo credits: we heart it – click image for source

6 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning and Planting Seeds

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  3. Currently ridding myself of guilt about not being teacher-y enough; planting seeds of running/yoga/health so I can finally be truly healthy. Love this post.

  4. I love this…

    I am clearing out EVERYTHING…why? Because I am moving in the next 2 weeks. And it feels SO good. Cleared out clothes and toys of 8 year old…and (sadly) baby’s 12 mos. size clothes..(I swear she wore these for like 10 minutes)…and even my tops from Express (circa 1988)…my husband was so grateful. And donated all of it. Check!

    As far as seeds, I am not as successful as you are (and yes, I probably misspelled ‘successful’…but am too lazy to look it up!)….

    BUT…I am making 50% of my baby food with the baby bullet (thank you Trina!). Why? Because THIS time, my kid will not be scared of *green* food. THIS time, she will incorporate veggies in every meal.

    For me…I am enrolled, and will begin Kaiser’s medical weight management in 2 weeks. This is also for the kids. My hips hurt, I’m not a good role model with food, and I want to
    be more active, and able to PLAY harder and more often with the girls. Not to mention, I’m
    trying to avoid a currently inevitable hip replacement in the next 10 years, and get off
    High Blood Pressure meds…hopefully extending my life to I can see all my girls get married (if they want to!), and babysit their kids for FREE…because really now…who can afford childcare? That is kicking my ass right now!

    That is my tiny seed for me…and I am determined to drop 50 lbs before Xmas…finally, not to “look good”….but only to “feel good”.

    • kim: congrats on the move and the giant stuff purge. i find i resist and then it feels so,so good once it is done. i do have trouble actually getting the bags of stuff out of the house and have to assign that part to the hubs.

      good lord, i wish we lived closer. we could totally tackle some health stuff together. one day at a time and no self-ass-kicking if it doesn’t happen one day. just start fresh the next.

      great seeds! xo

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