On My Kindle

We’ve been on the road a lot recently visiting family, friends and playgrounds and parks in the Bay Area. It’s been refreshing to get out of the heat in the Sacramento Valley and spend some time reading somewhere other than home.

Here’s what’s on my Kindle:

God bless the Sacramento Public Library and their e-book loans. Saves me tons of money and gives me the freedom to read, read, read!

What’s on your Kindle?

2 thoughts on “On My Kindle

  1. Love seeing these suggestions. How do you like your e-reader? Was it a difficult transition? Are there some books you still have to read in hard copy?

    • rosie: sorry for the delay. i LOVE my e-reader. it was a weird transition and i still read LOTS of stuff in hard copy. since i get almost everything from the library – ereader and hard copy – it’s all good. the vacation reading was best since it was all in one place and it didn’t have to lug any books (okay, very many books) with me in order to have enough to read.

      if you haven’t already tried it, see if your library has e-readers to check out. mine did and so i was sure i wanted to do it when i asked for one for my birthday. i ended up getting a kindle fire which seems like an ipad – i can watch netflix, go on twitter, use evernote – whatever. i absolutely love it.

      books will always also be a huge part of my life, but there is always room for more ways to read as far as i’m concerned.

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