43 Things December Update

Um, hello end of the year. Where did you come from?

Since my birthday is about three months away, I decided I better take a look at what is left on my birthday list. It’s a good thing I did because I have more than half the list still to do!

The List:

1. Take my birthday (March 20th) off – no work, no obligations – just fun.

2. Take an anti-gravity yoga class. – I researched a found a place fairly close to home with regular beginning classes on Saturday mornings. Seems do-able still.

3. Road trip to Portland with Ruby. Revised to plane trip to Portland  July 2012

4. Take Ruby to see live music. June 2012

5. Read 43 books. – Good lord, I have a LOT of reading to do. Seems do-able-ish.

6. Put my feet in the ocean with Ruby. January 2012

7. Pick berries. – I doubt I can do this before my birthday in March, but I think it’s going on the Life List. I ate myself sick on u-pick cherries when I was little and I want Ruby to have the same opportunity. Do you have a favorite u-pick place in Northern California?

8. Go on retreat. November 2012

9. Teach an active yoga class. – I need to schedule myself on the It’s All Yoga Free Friday calendar. Will you come to my class?

10. Go to the movies by myself. {Yep, I’ve never done this. I have, however, gone to a rock show on my own so don’t feel too sorry for me.} – I did it! Several times! Movies seen in my own company: The Artist, Chimpanzee, Friends with Kids, The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I am totally sold.

11. Attend a service at a Universal Unitarian church. – Must schedule soon. Still do-able.

12. Explore the Taiwanese culture in Sacramento. – Working on what this looks like. Will definitely be on the Life List.

13. Learn 10 words/phrases in Mandarin. – I have three for sure. Still working on it. Also on the Life List.

14. Run a 5K. – Um, yeah. I need to download that Couch to 5K app STAT. This also may be on the Life List.

15. Write a fan letter. Two! I wrote two! – August 2012 and October 2012. I highly recommend this activity. It’s a feel good, win-win.

16. Rent a house at the coast or in the mountains. – Scheduled cabin visit in January. Do-able.

17. Teach a class on social media and blogging to teachers. – Going on the Life List. I’m too far out of work mode for this to happen any time soon.

18. Sleep outside. – Let’s be real. I missed the opportunity this year. I’m thinking Life List.

19. Do a swim workout. – Le sigh… I quit my fantastic gym, so no more pool…

20. Watch my first students graduate from high school. –  Scheduled for June 2013

21. Spend a week away from the Internet. – Strikes terror in my heart. So it sounds like I need to get this one on the books – STAT.

22. See a play. – Looking at a show in January and have enlisted a friend. Seems do-able.

23. Go to a sing along at the Crest. – Scheduling nightmare in progress. Seems do-able.

24. Take a photography class.  September 2012

25. Take a cooking class. – Investigating several options – Seems do-able.

26. Take a private yoga class. – Currently scheduling. – Seems do-able.

27. Actually make something I’ve pinned on Pinterest.  11/27/11 – post

28. Go to the ballet. – Investigating several options. – Seems do-able.

29. Have a family portrait taken. – Scheduling now. Seems do-able. Or as much as a very active toddler will allow.

30. Watch a movie outside in the backyard. – Too cold. Maybe next spring or summer.

31. Take Ruby on a hike. Babies are ridiculous. They really just want you to carry them. — July  2012

32. Help a friend start a blog. – I’m going to have to go retro on this one. See comments below.

33. Build an outdoor shower. – Consider it moved to the Life List.

34. Make a wall of bookshelves in the dining room. — November 2012 – now to just make them pretty….

35. Redesign the entryway and make it pretty and useful. — In progress.

36. Start a mom/play group in Midtown. — I’m not sure I need this any more. I think I’ve found my peeps one at a time.

37. Teach a class at my gym. — No more gym….

38. Organize the pantry. And I didn’t even take pictures. Just know, one of the best things I ever did. — September 2012

39. Get rid of all the shoes I don’t wear because they are uncomfortable. — April 2012

40. Take a nap in a hammock. — What!?!? How did this not happen this past summer? Oh, I have a toddler. Moving to the Life List now.

41. Host a baby shower. — July 2012

42. Take a photo every day {for a month}. REVISED 1/8/12. I’m thinking February.

43. Make the Book of Me into a book. – Hmmmmm…..

Interested in helping me get any of these items checked off my list? Leave me a note in the comments section.

Do you have a birthday/life list? Do you want some company on your adventures? Leave me a note in the comments.

Pretty self-explanatory, however if you’d like the whole reason for 43 instead of 42.
Wondering what this Life List business is all about? You can make one too…


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