Inspired By – Currently…

Inspired by this photo I saw on Pinterest, I decided to play along.

currently1.  listening:     the fans at full volume to create excellent white noise for sleeping.

2.  eating:     cheesy vegan pasta knock off. inspired by vegan asana’s recipe.

3.  drinking:     fizzy lemonade and green smoothies.

4.  wearing:    dark green shorts and a navy v-neck t-shirt.

5.  feeling:     tired, but accomplished. tackled lots of work and life issues the last few days.

6.  weather:     high-80s – it feels like fall in the morning.

7.  wanting:     to stop worrying so much.

8.  needing:     a massage.

9:  thinking:     i need to start reading more fiction.

10: enjoying:     the structure of the new school year. once a teacher, always a teacher.

What about you, dear readers, what are you currently….?

Image source: Wendy Copley on flickr

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