Summer of Intentionality Progress Report: To Do


Summer of Intentionality 2011 is off to a great start! I’ve been ticking items of my three lists and am happy to report progress is being made on all. So much so, it’s been difficult to find time to write posts and keep up with reading my favorites.

Over all I’m happy with feeling productive and remembering that putting out effort to make things happen a) doesn’t take that much effort and b) can be loads of fun. This has come as a huge relief to me because I would hate to feel like my summer has been “wasted” on frivolous stuff. At least this summer my frivolity is planned frivolity, dammit.

{Ed. note – please click the links – there is good stuff hidden there. Such good stuff, you too, can fall down the internet rabbit hole. I’ll see you at the bottom!]


To Do: The whole list

Status update:

Dinner with Vanessa and Jeannie in Oakland at Burma Superstar – even included a ride on the back of JP’s new scooter!

Farmer’s market last Sunday under the freeway and Wednesday’s at Chavez Park

Many fruits and veggies consumed since the beginning of the summer.

Swimming in a pool – check

Yoga class with Michelle, Madeleine and Bob all of whom I love and highly recommend.

What have I learned about myself from my To Do list?

Saying yes to fun is, not surprisingly, more fun than saying no. You can, in fact, do more than one fun thing in a day and it can be exponentially more fun. Most of you are probably shaking your head by now.

What can I say? I think I may be lazier than the average bear. The result of too many restorative yoga classes? In any case, more fun equals more fun!

Saying yes is also really tiring for those of us who don’t drink coffee or sleep well. ¬†Grandma may just need to take more naps — why didn’t naps make this list???


What about you? How is your summer going?