Yoga+Music {notquite365} Destroyer of the Void by Blitzen Trapper – Recipe Edition!

It’s Wednesday and that means the Recipe Edition!


The quest for yummy dairy alternatives continues. I thought I’d share my favorites so far.


Finally, a yogurt I can eat. Texture is pretty close and the taste is great. I’m looking forward to trying other flavors.

Oh.My.Goodness. I totally thought my ice cream eating days were over. Not so, friends. Not so.


Ok, really it is cheese-ish. The cheddar is like American cheese slices when it is melted.

MELTED! Whoo-hoo. I have been missing melted cheesy foods.

The thing I miss most about dairy is the creamy texture. Who knew? So I’ve done a crazy amount of texture/taste testing the last few months. So far, this is the creamiest alternative milk I’ve found. Plus, it’s delicious.


Do you have any recipes or favorite {dairy free} foods to share?


Today’s yoga brought to you by the home practice.

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