Second Chances and Do Overs: Let’s Talk Fitness, Friends.

Back in the days before I became a Stay-At-Home-Mom/teacher on parental leave/person without a fulltime job or baby – yet – (otherwise known as July), I was talking about making a commitment to regular exercise when I returned to work.

Uh, well, yeah.

I didn’t return to work and then we tore up the walls in the house and hired painters and I decided to rip the ugly carpet out of Ruby’s room without a plan and well, my commitment to fitness disappeared in a frenzy of the furniture-is-in-the-wrong-room-ness.

Can you relate?

In part of my fitness hiatus I’ve been spending a lot of some time on Pinterest. Hello, new eye candy.

Anyway, there are lots of words of wisdom on the internet.

Who knew?

I would like to think of this time as a second chance for fitness. In a lifelong series of second chances. It is my belief humans requiring exercise to be healthy and sane is a design flaw.

Amy over at Just A Titch has been writing about her fitness journey and she’s got some great ideas about food planning, getting hydrated and rethinking your body image.

Here’s what I’ve learned about myself and exercise.

I love it being done. I’m pretty lukewarm/chilly about actually doing it. {is your head nodding?}

I am a social exerciser. If I am by myself, I’m most likely not going or doing.

The weight room fascinates me.  Where are the women folk? I like lifting heavy stuff and feeling strong.

As it turns out, I like walking outside. Especially in the not-hot part of the day when it is light. I think they call it morning.

My gym is awesome because it is remarkably clean and has the best sauna/steam/soak spot. {Justifying the large price tag? Yes, yes I am.}

Now you – What are your fitness secrets?

What do you do?

Where do you do it?

Who do you do it with?

What time of day do you do it?

What motivates you?


I’m feeling a bit lost in it all these days. Lots of time, lots to do, mostly just running things through my mind.

Please tell me your fitness secrets (or questions/complaints or whatever) in the comments. Let’s start a conversation.

Anyone want to exercise with me?

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