Happy Library Advocacy Day!

I love my library. Actually I love ALL libraries, but mine is special. 

E.K.McClatchy Library


The E.K. McClatchy Library  is a couple blocks from my house and I go there at least once a week. At certain times during the year {hello summer break!}, you can find me there several times a week: 

I go to read magazines 

To pickup my reserved books, music and DVDs {I’ve always got 30 items checked out} 

I read the latest picture books so I know what to check out for my class 

Occasionally I’ll just hang out enjoying their air conditioning while chatting with neighbors and friends. 

I’m always running into people I know at my library. 

Our branch is a true community meeting place.  

Whenever I enter my library I’m always greeted with a warm smile and know that my treasures await me two shelves up from the bottom on the reserve wall. 

The Sacramento Public Library has almost every book I want to read and if for some reason they don’t, they can almost always get it for me. 

Yes, sometimes I have to wait to get the latest and greatest book, movie or music CD. 

What, am I in a hurry here? 

What surprises me is how few people I know that actually use the library. Most people I know buy their books, magazines and get their music and movies from other places. 

I don’t get it. 

Why would you purchase something that your tax dollars have already purchased? 

Today is Library Advocacy Day. I’m advocating that you get yourself to the library.  

Get a card. 

Check out a book. 

Read a magazine. 

Use their free wi-fi. 

Check out a DVD. 

Meet a neighbor and make a community connection. 

Want to learn how you can help preserve your library? Click here. 

Tell me your favorite library story…