43 Before 43: Take Myself To the Movies

News flash – until recently I’d never been to the movies on my own.  Weird, I know. Solo movie viewing seems to be a rite of passage into independent womanhood I missed.

The reason? Mostly because I don’t see my friends enough as it is and we hardly ever go to the movies because we tend to be talkers and that isn’t really conducive to movie going.

Fast forward a few short months into parenthood and suddenly doing things all by myself seems like a great idea. Yes, I still miss my friends, but the sheer bliss of only answering to myself outweighs my need for adult conversation.

What movie shall I see? The Artist {loved} and Friends with Kids {enjoyed enough} *

What theater should I go to? – Varsity in Davis and Tower in Sacramento

Where shall I sit?  – Wherever I want.

What will I do while I wait for the movie to start? – Words with Friends and wonder if I’ll be alone the entire movie.

Two hours alone without a little person hanging on me? Oh my!

Needless to say, I’ve decided to make this a monthly treat.

What regular treats do you do for yourself?

* other things I’ve seen recently on Nexflix Watch Instantly which I recommend – Being Elmo and The Pixar Story.