The Good, The Bad and the Sick of the BS

I am:

a) a teacher – unable to motivate, inspire, or educate students

b) a teacher – committed to high expectations for academic achievement and behavior for all students

c) a teacher – exhausted by all the external bs at work

Depending on who you ask this week, I’m either choice a or choice b.

I’ve heard both messages loud and clear.

Both blasted and lauded in the same week.

The real answer of course, is c.

Needless to say I’ve felt really high and really low this week depending on which opinion of me was being thrown around at the time.

And you know what?

I’m tired of it.

Every year I set a goal, make a resolution or to use yoga-talk, set an intention for the year. Something to keep myself focused on throughout the year.

 This year’s intention was to be more flexible, to find some space in areas I had previously held on tightly to – like homework coming back unfinished (thus causing much suffering) – and to listen more.

Next year’s resolution?

To not believe the hype about me: good or bad.

I’ve read that some musicians, artists and actors refuse to read reviews about their work because it interferes with their creativity and performance. Other people’s  opinions about them (it always comes down to people judging you as a person rather than your work) got in the way of the joy in their work.

Let’s be real, some also are honest enough to admit that criticism (which is so rarely constructive especially in print) just plain hurts their feelings.

I feel the same way.

I would like to not get attached to the compliments or to get caught up in the negativity.

It’s not to say that I’m going to shut people out and not listen to how to refine practices, I’m going to try to feel less defined as a professional by other people’s opinions.

I’m not exactly sure how I’ll make this happen.

I think having this intention is good place to start.

So dear readers, how do you keep other people’s compliments and criticisms in perspective? Any tips for dealing with the critics? And fans?


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