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The 97’s are coming! The 97’s are coming!

In case you missed it, my favorite band since forever (ok, except Duran Duran and Quasi) are coming to Sacramento. On a Saturday night. When I’m in town. I don’t think they’ve ever played Sacramento proper.

I may hyperventilate.

1. I heard Every Night Is Friday Night at Justin Herman Plaza last summer and l.o.v.e.d. it from the start. I learned in the Forum the other day that it started out slower until someone suggested they try it like the Clash. Brilliant.

2. I made a 39 song Greatest Hits According to The Tams {me} for some friends the other day. Yes, 39. And yes, it was like choosing your favorite kid. I felt awful leaving some out. And yes, these two made the cut.

3. Timebomb is one of my absolute favorites, however it is met with bittersweetness knowing it is closing the show.

If you haven’t already gotten your tickets for tomorrow’s show, go do it now. The Old 97’s put on the best show you’ll ever go to. Plus then you can hear me singing along with every song.

PS – I still want to win this Meet and Greet with the band. Take me with you if you win?

What is your favorite drive/fly/run to every city in a 500 mile radius band?


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