Yoga+Music365 (day39) – Merriweather Post Pavilion by Animal Collective – Fueling vs. Food Edition!

Recently our half-marathon training coach spoke to us about the importance of fueling our bodies during training so we could know the best way to keep our energy up during the race. She talked about how it’s important to not only stay hydrated with enough water, but that every 45 minutes we’d need to eat something in order to keep going during our longer training days and the actual race. 

She brought out examples of all the kinds of racing fuel: gels, goos, beans, powders, bars. 

With each example, I felt my anxiety level rise and I felt slightly sick to my stomach. It all looked so futuristic. 

During my workout along the trail in Discovery Park, I thought about how I’m going to fuel my body during the race. I try not to eat a lot of processed foods and mysterious “food like substances” like Michael Pollan talks about in his book In Defense of Food – totally creep me out. 

Read this book!


I asked Jessica – the coach- during the post workout stretch if we were ever going to talk about food. She laughed and gave me the rundown: 100 calories made up of complex carbohydrates and protein for every 45 minutes of activity. Some suggestions: peanut butter on whole wheat bread, string cheese and cracker, a granola bar. 

Endurance race folks: What do you do to keep your energy up during a race? How do you fuel? I’m looking for other fueling ideas for training days, so please share. 

Foodie friends: Any ideas to make functional training foods that taste great? Please share your ideas. 


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Today’s music is Merriweather Post Pavilion by Animal Collective. 

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