2 Years and Waiting – International Adoption is Not for the Impatient

September 11, 2008 we signed our adoption agreement.

2 years down, one more to go.

Finally, our third trimester.


Back in January we got an update on our status. It essentially moved our process from a 2 year to 3 year deal. We were shocked.

Then in April, the wheels really tried to fall off the bus. Someone sent their kid back to their home country and started a firestorm of media attention on international adoption. We just try to keep focusing on all the families that are successfully made through this process.

In June, I shared our journey toward parenthood… 21 months and counting.


It’s September and not much has changed.

We’ve heard it might be February or March for the referral. That is a slight delay, but one that is good to know now, not later.

So what will we do now?





If you are interested in adoption as a way to build your family, please start the process sooner rather than later. It takes a lot longer than you think it will.