Yoga+Music365 (day1) – 500 Days of Summer Soundtrack

Yesterday I made my big proclamation that I would do some yoga and listen to new music every day in 2010.  I’m calling it the Yoga+Music365.

Today during class at It’s All Yoga (where else?), Michelle spoke about all things “new year” – resolutions, intentions, to-do’s, shoulds, cultural expectations and this got me thinking about my reasoning for taking on this self-imposed yoga+music challenge.

To be honest, I got caught up in the Best of 2009 Challenge fever of writing about my previously unkept resolutions and decided to try last year’s again. Of course with the added twist of the additional 11 months.

How hard could this be anyway? I made it a whole 19 days last year before I got sick and gave up.

Then it sunk in that I had just announced to the universe that I was going to do something every day for a year.

What if something came up and I couldn’t do one or both?

Did I just commit myself to another thing?

Aren’t I already overcommitted?

What if I don’t feel like it?

What if I failed?


So after class today I talked to Michelle. It became clear to me why I was swimming in fear on day one because on the surface it just doesn’t make sense.

I love yoga. It feels great. I’ve never felt worse after a class or even rolling out on my mat at home. In fact, I can say yoga has never failed to actually make me feel better. So that’s not it.

My little music experiment last year expanded my horizons so much that I’m still listening to some mix CDs friends made me and loving them.  If I hadn’t gone on my Old97’s fast last year,  I wouldn’t have ever been introduced to Ryan Adams or Andrew Bird or Neko Case, so that’s not it.

In talking to Michelle, I realized that yoga and music are really good self-care for me. When all planets are aligned i.e. — I go to bed early, sleep well, eat healthy food, listen to music, write, read, exercise, do yoga, play with my friends, and laugh — I am a very happy girl.

When I don’t, I’m not.

Ultimately, I think I am taking on this challenge so that I will be reminded to put my self-care as a top priority in my life.

So here is to a year of doing less of what doesn’t serve me and doing more of what does.

7 thoughts on “Yoga+Music365 (day1) – 500 Days of Summer Soundtrack

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  2. xoxo Tami – I think this is awe-some.

    let me know if you need some music ideas . . .

    can’t wait to see ya! take care.

  3. this is great tami! i love watching people do the things they love.

    i agree with the previous post. i learn the most about self care when it’s the last thing i want to do.

    also i can totally relate to the panic after making a commitment. i panic absolutely every time i sign up for a retreat or a race. todd and i learned the most about each other (in often painful ways) during the time between getting engaged and getting married.

    and i’m looking forward to sampling the music you discover!

    • cDg: i hope you come to class someday. i’m teaching on 3/5. just sayin.

      i’ll be watching my inner rebel closely this year. we’ll see how much that little devil gets in the way of self-care. maybe just giving it a little “i see you” wink every once in a while will help keep it at bay.

      glad i’m not the only commitment-shy gal around these parts.

  4. I love your resolution, Tami. I think it’s OK to skip a day when you’re sick, because your intention is self-care. That’s what I’m shooting for, too. And more yoga. Class at 10:30:) -H

    • Hollee-Thanks for your support. Also thanks for permission to skip a day for self-care purposes. What a relief!

      I’m just learning how hard it is for women to put themselves on their to-do list and the step to make ourselves a priority is revolutionary. Let’s support each other to make this happen.

      I’m doing a home practice today.*gasp!*

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