Yoga+Music365 (day3) – In Our Nature by Jose Gonzalez

My inner teacher this morning would like to share some insights that came up during class today. Just a warning, not all insights are pleasant or very “yoga” like (whatever that means)…


Here’s a pet peeve… if you are new to a studio and need to fill out the new student form, wouldn’t it be a good idea to get to the studio a few minutes before class starts? I am just saying that your late arrival didn’t just inconvenience you. The people who planned and actually got to class on time all have to shift their mats to make room for you.

Not the end of the world, however in case you are wondering if that bugged anyone, it did.


Just yesterday I wondered who wears perfume because of all the advertisements I was choking on while trying to read a magazine. I thought, I don’t think I know a single person that wears perfume daily. I wonder if the perfume companies are hurting for money…. (don’t mock me for my stupid thoughts, you know you have them too).

Well, silly me. When you ask the universe a question, even a silly one like who still wears perfume – the universe feels compelled to answer it.

This morning’s yoga class gave me my answer. I found out that someone still wears perfume.


It didn’t hit me until I was coming up from a forward bend and my nose started dripping on my mat. Snot literally dripping out of my nose onto the mat. Fast! Like I can’t even catch it fast. Disgusting, I know. Imagine how I felt! As I rushed back to grab a tissue, I looked for the culprit and was unable to figure out who was offending my nostrils. 

The perfume in question was a lovely scent, however probably more appropriate anywhere in the world other than a hugely crowded beginning of the year yoga class.

No one is smelling like roses at the end of the class, so let’s not try to begin the class that way either.


Don’t think I am just bitching about others. 

Wasn’t it just the other day when I was talking about how I never left a yoga class feeling worse than when I went in?

Again, it’s like I was just tempting the universe to prove me wrong.

I kept looking at other people on their mats and comparing myself to them. I know this kind of thinking isn’t popular in yoga circles, but sometimes it just happens. Or at least it happens to me.

I was thinking why can they do that twisty around thingy when I am having trouble sitting this morning?

They even seem to be enjoying this ridiculous amount of flow… Hey wait a minute! We never do this much flow… why are we now?

I HATE FLOW! That’s it, I’m not doing any more….

My inner teacher spoke loudly to me today.  I think she reminded me that if I want to not bugged by tardiness, perfume and competition maybe I need to spend a bit more time in my kitchen being my own teacher.

Anyone else have any yoga class pet peeves?

11 thoughts on “Yoga+Music365 (day3) – In Our Nature by Jose Gonzalez

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  2. The late thing!!! I hate it! They should be locked out and flogged — flogged out of our range of hearing, of course… as I do not want to be distracted any longer. ;)

  3. Tami – pls excuse my ignorance, but is this a class you are teaching? I have not been keeping up w/ the blog. If it is, make an announcement to all students that body scents are a distraction to others around them. I had the same experience in massage school.

    If it’s a class you’re attending, have the instructor make the announcement. ? Or maybe you’ve got it all figured out. :) Peace, girlie.

  4. After reading your “annoying” blog…. I saw this quote and it ties in perfectly …

    “I’m convinced it all happened for a reason now. I get it universe you slick mf.” – Dane Cook

    Bring it on… I’m loving your honesty!

  5. p.s. i wonder if there’s a way to post an mp3 link of the new music you’re listening to? (pardon me while i try to benefit from your music research. as if you need one more thing to do!)

  6. Sadly I’ve only ever attended I think about 2 real yoga classes (though I did do regular prenatal yoga when Gus was cooking but with a video). I just have to comment on how I’ve said some blanket statement (like “I love running and all my fellow runners”) only to prove myself wrong (a woman passes me on the trail and I think, “That b*tch thinks she’s better than me…oh but look at her perky butt. I’ll never have a perky butt. F*ck running!”). How the universe provides!

    Also, my mom still wears perfume. Every. Day. But she doesn’t do yoga so you’re safe :)

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