Yoga+Music365 (day11) – Stay Positive by The Hold Steady

Pajama Day!

Recently I took a yoga workshop with Mary Paffard about living with a serene heart. The basic message is that as a culture we’re too ambitious with our time and we need to make conscious choices about slowing down in order to care for ourselves properly.

She advocated staying home and staying in bed all day when you aren’t sick.

I couldn’t agree more.

After my excellent massage, I checked my calendar and saw that every single Saturday for the forseeable future was booked.

Except this one.

It was now or never. I had to take my chance at Pajama Day before all my weekend days got away from me. 

Pajama Day!

Saturday I spent all day in my pajamas. At midday I took a shower and put on clean pajamas.

No, I wasn’t sick. Remember this project is to help me not get sick.

What did I do all day?

  • wrote my weekly music roundup
  • read my blog comments and responded to my awesome readers
  • listened to music
  • listened to Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me while eating chocolate in bed – 2 Sacramento mentions!
  • watched an episode of GLEE (!)
  • watched Enlighten Up (loved it!)
  • read Havi’s brilliant blog – The Fluent Self
  • Facebooked with some friends about them joining me in Pajama Day
  • practiced yoga in my kitchen
  • read the newspaper
  • read a book
  • ordered books from the library

By bedtime on Saturday I was sleepy enough to go to bed at regular bedtime. I slept like a baby until morning and by Sunday evening I actually felt rested and ready for work.

 I hope to have another Pajama Day soon. I look forward to hearing about yours.

Today’s yoga brought to by Laura (one of my teacher training classmates!) at It’s All Yoga in Sacramento.

Today’s music is Stay Positive by The Hold Steady.

Remember to come back each Tuesday I’ll share an easy, nutritious recipe so you can join me in the home-cooked self-care.

Also don’t forget FREE Fridays at 4:30 with the new It’s All Yoga teachers (21st and X in Sacramento) – you’ve got to sign up online


11 thoughts on “Yoga+Music365 (day11) – Stay Positive by The Hold Steady

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  2. “as a culture we’re too ambitious with our time and we need to make conscious choices about slowing down in order to care for ourselves properly”

    I totally agree! I’ve recently realized that I want to make slowing down and living more simply a priority in my life.

    I can’t wait to have my own Pajama Day soon!

  3. What a great way to spend the day. I used to do that pretty much every weekend before I had Noah. Joao used to work on weekends, so I would spend Saturdays lying in bed with a book or watching a marathon of some time-wasting show and doing some cleaning or cooking. And it’s nice to have that kind of quiet time, especially for teachers, who are constantly surrounded by voices all week. You should keep this as a habit until your little one arrives. :-)
    I’m sure you know this music already, but I love listening to music on npr and especially love this playlist:

  4. my pajama day was not quite so soul nourishing – it involved house cleaning. but it also involved playing cars and puzzles on the floor, which is an important thing to slow down and do every day…

    • jc: i also did a little house cleaning too. and even though i’m not the first one to jump up and do it, i enjoy the results. sounds like what we need to do is get a house cleaner and then have pajama day!

      cars and puzzles on the floor – yay! i’m looking forward to getting ours so i can do this. too bad you guys live so far away or we could use my new u-play mat. big hug to the v-man.

    • e – thanks! it was amazing. i’m so glad i did it. it ended up feeling like a day at the spa.

      i highly recommend it.

      plus i got some awesome self-care tips in the comments on friday. i’ve got some good ideas for what to do next pajama day.

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