Music Round Up! Week 6

Each Sunday* I’ll share my thoughts on the music of the week. Please keep in mind I am not a music critic, just a girl with a musical obsession that needs to be tempered.

Yoga+Music365 is my effort to expand my musical horizons by listening to a new album every day in 2010.

I’m always looking for new music, so please send me the titles of albums that you absolutely can not live without, albums you wish were on everyone’s iPods and albums you play over and over despite no one else “getting it”.

The albums don’t have to be new releases, just new to me (or at least something I haven’t yet listened to in 2010**).

NOTE: I’m linking to MySpace when it’s available because of the ease of listening to songs, not because of a love of MySpace.***Click on the band names to LISTEN for FREE!


Day 36: 

Title: The Stand Ins by Okkervill River


Overall, I liked this one. However, nothing grabbed me and demanded a second listen.

Honestly, the best part of this one is my lovely friend Erin wanted to know why I chose this record (I already own it). Apparently I’ll be listening to all other records from Okkervill River because this band is Erin’s Old 97s.

Thank god someone else has a deep admiration for a band besides me.

Will I listen again?

Not to this one any time soon. I’ll be too busy checking out all their other records. Can’t wait!

Day 37:

Title: Hey Eugene by Pink Martini


  1. Hey Eugene
  2. Everywhere (Disney called and they are looking for this PERFECT song!)
  3. Tempo Perdido

Basically all the other songs are cocktail sounds that make me feel very Continental.

I adore this record.

It makes me want to put on my best MadMen outfit and drink cocktails. It’s so not my type, and yet it totally rocks.

Will I listen again?


Hey Eugene is like a brain worm. It gets in and plays itself over and over. In a good way.

It also sounds NOTHING like any other song on the album, so don’t judge the record by that song.

Day 38:

Title:  The Ecstatic by Mos Def


I got nuthin. It’s just so needing more than a couple of listens. So out of my music realm at this point, it’s not instantly a must listen.

Will I listen again?

Maybe. I need to branch out, I’ve got it, so maybe.

Day 39:

Title: Merriweather Post Pavilion by Animal Collective


I don’t even remember listening to it. I do remember J-man telling me that I probably won’t like it.

Will I listen again?

Upon a second listen, I’m still thinking it’s not really my style. I wouldn’t turn it off if someone played it, but I doubt I’ll be the one playing it.

I’m starting to realize one of the shortcomings of this project. Listening once or twice for some recordings, just isn’t enough. Especially if a record is out of your comfort zone. Maybe next time I’ll do one a week and spend a whole week listening to one record so I can really give my thoughts after spending some more time to appreciate each one.

Day 40:

Title: Trace by Son Volt


  1. Tear Stained Eye
  2. Windfall
  3. Drown
  4. Loose String
  5. Catching On
  6. Mystifies Me

Will I listen again?

Yes, without a doubt. It’s a classic road trip sing along. This is one of the first “alt-country” records I loved and it continues to bring a smile to my face with every listen.

Day 41:

Title: The Con by Tegan and Sara


  1. I Was Married
  2. Relief Next to Me
  3. Burn Your Life Down

Will I listen again?

It totally reminds me of the Juno Soundtrack and I have that too. It’s cute, sisterly sing songy, maybe if I put a couple songs into a mix. As an album? Probably not.

Day 42:

Title:  Roomful of Smoke by Leslie and the Badgers

Leslie and the Badgers GO BUY THIS RECORD!



  1.  Los Angeles – folkie deliciousness
  2. Roomful of Smoke – country music at its finest. Someone should write a movie to go with this song. Just sayin.
  3. Old Times – by the chorus I was checking the liner notes to see who was behind all these classic songs. LATB wrote and perform their own music.
  4. Winter Fugue – Leslie sounds very Dolly Parton-esque on this on. In such a good way. I LOVE THIS SONG!
  5. My Tears Are Wasted On You – perfection.

Every song offers some sort of brilliance.Will I listen again?

 I can’t stop listening.

Everyone should be listening to this one.

Seriously, buy it and then go see  LATB  when they come to your town.

 Blame Rhett Miller. He’s the one that had them open the show last weekend at the Independent.


 Please leave a comment about what you think I should be listening to this year.  Or what you’ve listened to from the list and what YOU think.

Or send me a CD – Yoga+Music365 c/o Tami Hackbarth PO BOX 188616 Sacramento, CA 95818.


* Saturday keeps getting away from me, so Sunday is the new Music Round Up! day.

** All this new music is craziness and I miss listening to some of my favorite records. Hopefully you haven’t heard them yet and will add them to your collection as well.

*** If you click on the band name, you can listen to a few songs for FREE that the band has on their MySpace pages. That way you can actually take a listen and then go buy some new music. 


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3 thoughts on “Music Round Up! Week 6

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  2. This is an interesting little project you are taking on here. You are right about not being able to listen to an album once or twice for one day and drawing a conclusion just from that, sometimes it just doesn’t work.

    Check out:

    M. Ward – Hold Time (M. Ward is the Him of She&Him. I saw that you liked their album, so check out one of his many excellent solo albums)

    Grizzly Bear – Veckatimest

    Check out our site, maybe you can find something else you like.

    • @unlimitedjuice – thanks for stopping by and for the recommendations. i’ll definitely take a look at your site.

      i’ve got the m. ward on deck and i’ll definitely check out grizzly bear.

      total agreement about this project being a bit ambitious. sometimes it’s overwelming. live and learn, huh?

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