Yoga+Music(notquite)365 – Day 86 – Oracular Spectacular by MGMT – Lame Food Confession Edition!

The changing of the season necessitates the changing of the wardrobe. Sweaters, long sleeve t-shirts and jeans out. Sleeveless tops, tanks, shorts and skirts in.

This annual changing of the wardrobe means that it is time to try on my spring and summer clothes. Every year I am surprised to find that my warm weather clothes don’t quite fit as well as I remembered them doing when I stored them at the end of the summer.

All this perfectly coinsides with my realization that despite thinking of myself as a healthy eater, I almost never eat the recommeded daily allowance of fruit and vegetables.  Depending on who you ask, some say 5-a-day while others (like Harvard’s School of Public Health) advocate between five and thirteen servings per day.

In any case, I’m woefully low by either standard most winter days.

How lame is that?

So before I go all gung-ho dieting nutty so I can fit comfortably in my clothes, I decided I am simply going to add more fruit and vegetables to what I already eat  every day.

Simple, but sometimes that’s all it takes.

How do you get in your fruits and vegetables in every day? Any secrets you care to share?


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11 thoughts on “Yoga+Music(notquite)365 – Day 86 – Oracular Spectacular by MGMT – Lame Food Confession Edition!

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  4. Tami, two things I’ve added to my (pretty much) daily diet to increase veggie consumption: carrot sticks and broccoli slaw salad. The carrot sticks are so easy-peasy, and the crunch makes for good stress eating (I think that stress may be the only reason why I eat, haha). But broccoli slaw is seriously my new favorite thing. There are no veggies to cut or wash. Dump some in a container. Add sliced almonds, flax seed, blueberries (why look, a fruit!), dried cranberries (oh my!), and/or cashews, plus some mandarin sesame dressing. YES. Vegetables, check.

  5. Tami-I just happen to work at the Network for a Healthy California (aka California Nutrition Network) and I can tell you that the changing of our logos has been a wild ride. Yes, it used to be “5-a-day”, then “5-9 a-day”, and now it’s simply “Fruits and Veggies: More Matters.” The food pyramid at will help you determine exactly what YOU (based on your entries to questions) are supposed to eat and will help you define what a serving size should be.

    With all that said, I’m still woefully remiss in getting my recommended daily allowance and it shows in my summer wardrobe too. After all that, I’m just the managing auditor of the program but many of my friends are nutritionists and they are so helpful to me. Good luck. We’re in it together sister.

    • @kelleym – fruits and veggies: more matters? that’s a mouthful. wow – 5aday so much easier to remember. all that being said, how funny is it that i actually know someone that works there?!?!

      i took the test: 2 fruits and 2.5 vegetables. whew! although i agree that more matters. we are in it together. so nice to know that.

      question: do your co-workers bring in sweets/candies to work or nutritious snacks?

  6. Oh, a question about food! Here’s how I try to do it:
    1. Blueberry smoothies! Cram as much fruit in there as possible! Frozen peaches, blueberries, strawberries, etc. You never have to worry about it being out of season because they’re frozen.
    2. Blueberry oatmeal cottage cheese pancakes (you’re not vegan, right?). The only good recipe from my weight training days. These are actually really good: 2 eggs, 1/2 c. oats, 1/3 c. cottage cheese: blend in blender; then pour onto skillet; stick the blueberries in when it bubbles up; then turn. Excellent with real maple syrup.) This counts as a fruit serving, I think!
    3. I’m pretty sure those 5-a-day servings are tiny. So what I usually do is have a gigantic salad with dinner.
    4. If possible, I try to get my live-in chef to make all of these things! (I can usually get him to make dinner…but he refuses to do the cottage cheese pancakes, on principle.)

    • @copylicious kelly – (yes, that’s how michelle and i refer to you) – thanks for all the good ideas!
      1. LOVE blueberry smoothies – in the rotation, however i need to do more often.
      2. blueberry oatmeal cottage cheese pancakes sound DIVINE! will be getting some cottage cheese to try them this week. thanks!
      3. salad – so much better in the summer. i’ve got to get my live-in chef on this more often.

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