Bittersweet Travel Planning

Until recently I thought we would be traveling to Thailand this summer.

That fantasy was burst and I’ve pretty much made peace with the situation.

Until I started planning for our actual summer trip.

In doing research on Munich and Croatia (yay European travel!), I started with Rick Steves and quickly remembered how much I don’t want to travel with him.

I can’t even make it through an entire episode without wondering how he has this job.

Don’t get me wrong, he seems like a nice guy….. but are you kidding me?      



Enter my favorite travel guide: Tony Bourdain.

The foul-mouthed drunkard chef?

Yep, that one.

Anyway, in my search of No Reservations episodes in Netflix Watch Instantly, I came across a Thailand episode.

Of course, I watched it.

The dude even stopped what he was doing to come join me in my office.

I’ll spare you the details, but ultimately watching Tony eating his way through Thailand made me sad.

I really wish we were going to Thailand this summer.

16 thoughts on “Bittersweet Travel Planning

  1. I think every trip I’ve taken has been “with” Rick Steves. I love him (quirky history, yay). :) But I’d love to eat my way through anywhere so would probably love the No Reservations guy too.

    • @elizabeth – i’m glad you are enjoying your rick vacations. i’m going to keep trying…. it just feels like school. and since i’m a teacher, i’m trying to get away from school!

      you’ve never experienced the sheer brilliance of tony bourdain? i highly recommend his books and tv shows – he’s a no bs kind of guy.

  2. Thailand :..( It just blows. Stupid, stupid beaurocracy.

    On a lighter note: Rick Steves makes me want to throw a brick through the TV and shove knitting needles in my ears. He and his insipid lisp stomp on my last nerve! He’s such a nerd, and not in a charming, Chuck way either. UGH!

    Enjoy Europe!

  3. I’m pretty sure you can get a few good beers in Munich. the food’s a little heavy though. All new places are great adventures! Enjoy!

  4. I would like to stand up for Rick Steves, since he is from the small town just North of Seattle that I grew up in, so he’s a local boy made good. However, we can all agree that Anthony Bourdain is much more fun and also more sexy.

    I’m sorry you’re sad, and I wish I could make it better.


    • @madeleine – rick steves is quite the upstanding citizen. i agree. he travels like there is going to be a quiz at the end of the trip. so.many.educational.things.

      ugh! spoken like a teacher on summer break! tony does travel right: food, booze, hijinx. truth be told, i’m more steves than bourdain in reality, but a girl can dream.

      i feel better now that i let myself feel sad. now on to the trip planning. europe look out – hacknbrew are on our way!

  5. About not going to Thailand, I’ll probably just say the wrong thing, so I’ll leave it at a sincere “I’m sorry.”
    On a lighter note, I too LOVE Tony Bourdain (especially the way he uses words. He’s a gifted writer) so I love that you’re using his shows as travel guides. While it’s not the trip you wish for, you will have a wonderful time and see amazing places and make great memories with Jed. :-)

    • @jenna – not to worry about saying the wrong thing. now that there is a little distance from the shock/pain/anger it’s easier to hear whatever people say.

      <3 bourdain's books. all of them. even the fiction. the tv is the best. love, love, love.

      now that i've gotten a little sadness out of the way, it's time to start planning the super fun-brit filled summer european vacay!

  6. maybe this is too obvious and i’m probably missing some huge hunk of the story, but why don’t you go to thailand anyway? just because you’re not going for the reason you wanted to initially doesn’t mean you still can’t go…

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