Yoga+Music (not quite 365) – I and Love and You by The Avett Brothers – Recipe Edition!

It’s Tuesday! And that means the Recipe Edition!  

Each Tuesday I will share an easy, nutritious recipe so you can join me in the home-cooked self-care.   

Still loving the summer break, although it is actually feeling like summer around here. Triple digit temperatures have had me searching for recipes that don’t call for applying any more heat.

Like the last couple of weeks, today’s recipe is more of an assembly, rather than a cooking one. Who can really be bothered with cooking when the weather is so nice hot? 

Corn and Black Bean Salad

from The Gorgeously Green Diet: How to Live Lean and Green by Sophie Uliano

Serves 2

1 15 oz can of black beans (rinsed and spun dry in the salad spinner) – organic if you’ve got it

1 cup uncooked fresh or frozen (I used the organic sweet corn from Trader Joe’s)

1 large tomato (I used home-grown yellow pear tomatoes – delish!)

1 small red onion

2 TBSP finely chopped flat-leaf parsley {I <3 my Cuisinart mini-chopper}

2 TBSP finely chopped cilantro

2 cloves minced garlic

2 TBSP apple cider vinegar {I used rice wine vinegar instead}

1/4 cup olive oil

1/4 tsp ground cumin

1/4 tsp ground tumeric

1 tsp agave syrup {or honey if you like}

salt and pepper to taste

Combing the beans, corn, tomato, onion, cilantro and parsley in a large bowl.

Put the other ingredients in a jar with a screw cap, shake vigorously and add to the bowl.

Serve with or without tortillas.

 What are your go-to healthy foods? How do you change your diet based on the season? Send me your recipe and you may find yourself featured here!  


Today’s yoga brought to you by the home practice.   There may be lying down involved. {I <3 my Hugger Mugger bolster too! Buy one and it will change your life. I’ll show you how to use it. YUM!} 

Today’s music is I and Love and You by The Avett Brothers. 


Yoga Teaching Update:  

 FREE Fridays at 4:30 with the new It’s All Yoga teachers (21st and X in Sacramento) – you’ve got to sign up online  

 These classes are for every body – level 1/2. Bring your friends!  

 I’m scheduled to teach July 9th  August 20th!  It’s going to be a YogaNap – if you’re interested in restorative yoga, please sign up online to reserve your spot.

 Office Hours with Michelle are on Fridays from 3:30-4:30, so come on by the studio before class and say hi! 

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13 thoughts on “Yoga+Music (not quite 365) – I and Love and You by The Avett Brothers – Recipe Edition!

  1. I’m going crazy with your recipes this weekend. Wanted to check the quiche recipe (that’s one of my faves to get me through the first couple days of the workweek), and decided to try some of these other healthy, fresh, easy ones, like this salad, the tofu salad, the broccoli slaw, and the enchiladas. THANK YOU!

  2. Yum-O! I made it the other night and it was fantastic! Even my daughter devoured the salad! Hubby added in a tortilla with carne asada and couldn’t stop thanking me for making it.

    I scored some serious points with this one.
    I owe you! :)

  3. Tami, Blogging is a work in progress (unless that’s like your only job, as it is for some people on the web!). I just got my domain name today. I take it in baby steps when the inspiration hits me. I like your new header photo, too. Your blog is like the friend that we all need– encouraging, fun, like-minded… :-)

    • @jenna: thank you for the kind words. i think you may be my ultimate reader. when we both are stateside again, let’s get together and chat.

      no kidding about the work in progress. i just changed themes today. what do you think????

      your own domain name is a serious step! we’ll have to get together with all the other iay bloggers and trade stories.

  4. Here is a really excellent dish, and it’s GREAT for summer… you can make a big batch of it and it lasts for days. And trust me – you WILL want it days later (if there’s any left, that is!).

    If I were vegetarian, I would definitely consider making it with tofu.

    Not sure if this is the best place to share this recipe w/ you…


    Happy summer! xo

    • @jenna: it’s really easy and quick too! 20 minutes tops. also delish heated with scrambled cheesy eggs + tortillas.

      thanks for the sub-name kudos. trying to get the gist of what it’s all about. a work in progress, but that’s what is working right now.

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