Rewards, Punishments and Motivation – Something for Teachers (and Employers) to Ponder

Via @gwenbell.

As a teacher, I’m in the motivation business. Most of my students are motivated to do their work and to reach whatever bar has been set for them. They work hard and love the rewards that their hard work bring.

But then there are the students that aren’t motivated.

What about them?

Watch the video. I feel like there is something there to help me help my students, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Maybe you can help.

Did this challenge or reinforce your beliefs about rewards, punishment and motivation?

How do you motivate your students/employees?

How can I help motivate mine?

2 thoughts on “Rewards, Punishments and Motivation – Something for Teachers (and Employers) to Ponder

  1. I am personally motivated by cheese.

    However, my classroom is a different story.

    My 4th graders are still young enough that they are pretty easy to dupe. I use a combo of humor and really high expectations.

    For example, if I see students wobbling in their motivation, I do some things to make the task very high status and put on the social pressure. This often does the trick.

    I talked up our lit circles like they were the height of pleasure…if you read and do you job you get to do this GREAT thing (have a discussion about books and sit on the floor and spout off your amazing knowledge) and won’t you be proud of yourself!?

    If I ever give a tangible “reward”, I make it a joke prize drawn out of a mystery sack. This was, I avoid materialism and it’s shortcomings (“but I don’t LIKE the prize, yada yada”) and the kids get to laugh together.

    The last prize of the year of this sort that was drawn from the bag was a sock. Just one. Everyone cheered for the big winner, who shook the sock over hear head like it was a trophy.

    Fun video to watch, thanks!

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