Saturday Senses

Saturday Senses is a way to capture the spirit of each week. 

tasting ::  toasted naan smeared with guacamole

hearing :: the envelope peasant

smelling ::   rain

seeing :: unfinished report cards

feeling :: unheard. frustrated. 

heard. understood. connected.

grateful for my readers, commenters, friends and fellow yogis

hence the roller coaster

wishing/hoping :: for ease in communication with families over the next week or so – it is almost parent conference time.

What about you?

What are your senses this Saturday? 

Looking back, how was your week?    

This weekly tradition inspired by Pink of Perfection’s Five Sense Friday

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3 thoughts on “Saturday Senses

  1. naan + guacamole! that sounds so good. i bought a package of tandoori masala naan from TJ last week and have been enjoying it very much – it’s kind of spicy.

    tasting: dark chocolate PB cups
    hearing: clothes tumbling in the dryer and atlas’ sigh
    smelling: lavender
    seeing: a bright white sky and orange leaves peeking through the green
    feeling: peaceful

    it was a good week.
    wishing you the ease in communication you’re hoping for.

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