Teacher Tips: What To Do After You’ve Caught What Seems to Be The Plague

You’ve read all the tips on how to stay healthy and not get the latest virus going around. You’ve washed your hands and taught your little friends about coughing and sneezing into their sleeves.

But what do you do when your plan to avoid the plague has failed?

Inevitably most people will get some sort of seasonal cold or flu each year. Even teachers.

In fact, teachers get sick more often than most.

No really, I googled it.

When you think about it, it’s not surprising.

We’re surrounded by the little people in confined spaces who are not quite as adept at keeping their germs to themselves nor staying home when they are under the weather. Plus they tend to pick their noses and then touch our stuff – like doorknobs and pencils.

Well, this week is finally my week.

I’ve had little brushes with practice viruses that came in and out of my life so fast I now wonder if I was ever really sick at all. {Maybe it really was just allergies}

There is no question this time though.

Sore throat, runny nose, sneezing, body aches, congestion, muddy headed thoughts {ie I’ve been really slow lately} and the worst part – a sort of productive cough.

So what is a sick teacher to do?

1. Stay home.

I know writing sub plans is a pain. I know letting a stranger in your classroom is stressful. I know kids learn best from their regular teacher.

But really, it’s for the best.


For you and your students.

No one is going to die from having a sub teacher, but you all may feel like dying if you don’t get better.

And your adult co-workers will thank you for keeping your germy self out of the staff room. Remember they are fighting their own germ battles in their classrooms, so there is no need to bring it in the staff room too.

2. Rest.

Now that you are home, rest.

You don’t have to sleep, but there is no reason to get out of bed until you feel better.

You can:

–  Invest in a little screen time – Netflix watch instantly for your favorite old movies or TV shows

–   Catch up on your blog reading.

–   Read a novel (a novel idea, I know!)

–   Peruse your back catalog of magazines you haven’t had time to read since school started.

–   Do a little yoga in bed.

–   Make a fort on the couch or in your bed and staying there until you feel better – doesn’t that sound nice?

3. Shower

The steam from the shower can help clear up some of the mucus (sounds gross even when you type it) and the warm water can also soothe your achy muscles.

4. Drink lots of fluids

Filtered water and weak teas have been my go to list. Add some lemon and honey – you are already working on homemade feel better remedies.

Sip all day – even if you aren’t thirsty. The liquid can help thin out the mucus and help you avoid dehydration.

5. Eat what makes you feel better

For me, I crave burritos the size of my head when I’m sick. No, I don’t eat it all at once. I do love the spiciness and how it helps clear out my nose.

Also, brothy pho and ramen hit the spot when I’m not feeling well.

6. Leave the cough medicine at the store

Try drinking grape juice (1 cup) and honey (1 tsp)

Try some thyme (1 tsp dried crushed) steeped for 10 minutes in hot filtered water – add honey – and sip.

Try mixing a 1/2 tsp of turmeric with honey and swallow.

Or make your own cough medicine at home.

Here’s to hoping we all feel better sooner than later…. Did I leave anything out? Please leave me your go-to get healthy quick remedies. 



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3 thoughts on “Teacher Tips: What To Do After You’ve Caught What Seems to Be The Plague

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  2. I believe that you guys get sick more often because I know that it seems like we are constantly sick just because our little guy gets lots of yuckies. I’m really curious– did you try that natural cough remedy and if so, how did it work?

  3. i’m telling you, dr. schultz does it for me. i take the super tonic as soon as i feel a hint of yucky coming on and it nips it in the arse.

    thanks for the lovely tips (and the yoga in bed!). hope you’re feeling better!! xo

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