In Case You Missed It Edition! Volume 5

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Happy Fall Dear Readers!

Lately I’ve been thinking about adding a new regular feature to Teacher Goes Back to School. Today is the début of the regular In Case You Missed It Edition!

Each week I’ll give you links to posts and articles that made me laugh, cry, think or at least raise an eyebrow. Please click the links and check out the posts. You may find something that rocks your world too.

Leave me some feedback in the form of comments below on what you liked, what you hated and what you’d like to see more of. I’m here to help you find the best of what is online.


My Best Of…

Be Yourself, But Keep Your Inner Jerk in Check – Gretchen Rubin’s interview with Bob Sutton who wrote a book called The No Asshole Rule: Building a Civilized Workplace and Surviving One That Isn’t.

Catchy title, huh? I think he should have stopped at The No Asshole part.

Just so we’re clear, I would not be against someone passing that book along to me to read.

I love Gretchen’s interviews. They remind me of the Inside the Actor’s Studio interviews with James Lipton because the questions are the same each time. All the answers are completely different because of the diversity of the subjects, but it gives the reader a familiar framework. LOVE!


Speaking of Inside The Actor’s Studio 10 questions… have you ever wanted to answer them yourself? If so, head on over to The Pondering Yogini’s place to do it. 

I did it. I had a hard time picking a favorite curse word. Sort of.


Beware of the next link. You may laugh so hard spit your coffee on your computer screen. This just in from Just a Titch.


Confession time: I am a minimalist blog  junkie. I adore hearing about people living with less stuff, not buying anything new and making do with what they’ve got. 

Since my mid-twenties I’ve been obsessed with frugality. I’ve read book after book and now I follow many frugality and minimalist blogs.

I can’t get enough of minimalist and frugality blogs.

Oh, the irony.

Recently, I described myself as “minimalist lite” – someone who does all those things above, but hasn’t  made the commitment to downsizing completely.


So here’s a question for you –

Would you ever get rid of your diamond engagement ring?  Even if it put you into debt and caused ongoing conflict in your relationship? Tammy over at Rowdy Kittens is deciding what to do. Click over to weigh in.


That is this week’s In Case You Missed It Edition, folks. Next week we talk fashion, local scene happenings and more.

Remember to click the links and leave some comments. This is a conversation, you know.


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2 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It Edition! Volume 5

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  2. I love this kind of post. Thanks for sharing.
    One way to encourage minimalism is to not buy the diamond ring in the first place :) We got matching plain gold bands and got married at the courthouse, no flowers, no party, no gifts… But yes, it is good to get rid of some stuff you already have as long as it isn’t the zillion scarves, boots and other goodies I just can’t help but love.
    Check out he is practically the ultimate minimalist. I enjoyed getting to know him a little bit over the summer– he’s a beautiful, inspiring person with an interesting story. And check out his e-book Small Ways…

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