Interrupting Your Regularly Scheduled Life – A little Rant and A BIG plea

Starting the school year out on crutches was a huge lesson in letting go of what you have planned to do and dealing with the situation at hand.

Lesson learned:

Be flexible and let go of expectations of how things “should” be or at least how I’ve always done them.

Got it.

See, this yoga thing is working….

Or so I thought.

Then I caught the Worst.  Cold.  EVER.

Exactly what life lesson is there to be learned from the cold that I think is going to kill me?

Last week I wrote about being sick. Convinced that if I just stayed home and took really good care of myself, I’d get healthy faster and be able to return to my regularly scheduled life of anniversary dinners (missed it), birthday parties (stayed home instead) and yoga classes (who wants old misses tissue-stuffed-up-her-nose on the next mat?)

When I finally called the doctor on Day 7 (because I seemed to be getting worse, not better) – he said this round of cold viruses is particularly nasty. Feels more like a flu than a cold (blah, blah, blah)…  and really does run the entire 7-10 days of feeling completely like crap. Not 7-10 until recovery. 7-10 days of being actively sick.


Since I’m still sick (day 10!) now I’m wondering if it was worth taking all that time off work and doubting whether self-care really does anything.

And I have noticed I seem to get sick more often and longer than other teachers. What is up with that?

Not just this year. Every year.

About this time every year I start to hesitate in making plans because I’m not sure if I’ll be sick or not.

Thanksgiving? Just a quick drive to the Bay Area for dinner and back – I hope.

Christmas? Fingers crossed!

New Year’s Eve? Probably not going to happen.

I am tired of being sick all the time.

I want to make plans to have some fun and be able to keep them.

Not coughing?

Yes, please.

Remember last fall when I got sick? When catching the flu during yoga teacher training almost sent me to the nervous  hospital?

Who had infected me?

When would I get better?

Didn’t those damn germs know I had THINGS to do?

So what do I do?

Start wearing one of these all the time?

I can’t help but wonder what I’m doing wrong.

So dear readers, tell me what to do. I’m all ears.

5 thoughts on “Interrupting Your Regularly Scheduled Life – A little Rant and A BIG plea

  1. When I first started teaching in the elementary schools in Japan I thought it was cute seeing kids wearing face masks. I didn’t believe it made any difference – the germs want in, they’ll find a way in.

    Eventually, I decided to give it a try. This might sound crazy but I think it worked! Whether placebo, or the sympathy you get from those who now notice you have a cold, it worked. It also serves as a reminder not to touch your face with your hands – and in that way, it may really make some sort of a difference.

  2. Oh Tami Tams. :[ I’d like to echo what Madeleine said. One of my girlfriends has had some nasty sickness every 2 months, but she’s an incredibly “healthy” person. It baffles me that she gets so sick. I’ve discovered that I’ve been getting the same cold every year around Halloween and I’m hoping to unlayer some of the causes behind it. I’m working with TJ (Ayurveda lady) on un-gucking my immune system — like Virginia said, I think allergies (of varying levels and caused by a potential array of irritants) definitely play a part in overtaxing the immune system. Hugs to you…

  3. Hi Tami,
    It can’t be that self-care is bad for you! I love your comments on self-care and think I’ve been doing better at self-care because of you. I’ve noticed that colds usually just have to run their course, even when you do a good job of fighting back. Maybe part of it is that you’re still fairly new at teaching…maybe you haven’t been exposed to the same gargantuan number of germs. Maybe allergies? That lovers your immunity I think. Maybe do some research on immune building foods. Maybe it’s just that shit happens and it’s not fun. Thanks for the blog. Enjoy your writing.
    Take care,

  4. Did you know in Japan they wear surgical masks so as not to spread germs when they are sick? Keep having compassion for yourself – it isn’t about right or wrong. And I think continuing to care for yourself helps in the long long run. Warm wishes Tami!

  5. I think some people just get sicker than others. I can think of plenty of people who do everything right – active, good eaters, vitamin takers, etc, etc, who still get wiz bang sick all the time. And others who never get sick who really should. I’m not sure how it’s determined who gets the force field and who doesn’t.

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