Books I Love: The Geography of Bliss {a GIVEAWAY!}

It’s Thanksgiving and time to tell you all how much I appreciate you spending time here with me. The comments and conversations have really made my year pretty damn wonderful despite my occasional complaining about how things can totally suck sometimes.

You all know how much I love reading. In fact, I spend most of my time reading: non-fiction or yoga-related mostly.

And blogs.

Lots and lots of blogs.

{Don’t be shy about clicking, people. Good stuff hidden behind those links.}

To be perfectly honest, part of the reason I became a teacher is so I could get paid to read. My daily read aloud is the absolute best part of my day.

Seriously, I don’t get people who don’t read. It’s weird.

Anyway, I’ve decided that since I love reading and books, I’m going to assume my readers have a bit of love for the written word as well. Many of you also know I mostly get my books from the library otherwise I’d end up living in the poor house. So every once in a while when I get my hands on a book, I’ll want to share it with you.

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Title:  The Geography of Bliss: One Grump’s Search for the Happiest Places in the World

Author: Eric Weiner

Genre: Non-Fiction/Travel Memoir

Synopsis: A longtime NPR Correspondent travels the globe to the happiest places to gain some insight on happiness.

My thoughts: Where do I start? Ok, let’s start with the title.

May be the best.title.ever.

Contains: geography (which I am notorious crap at, but totally interested in), bliss (which I would perhaps do despicable deeds in order to achieve), and grump (I have been known to be a world-class one) – all in one place? SHUT UP!

Plus arm-chair travel with a dry-witted travel companion? Sign me up!

Eric Weiner (pronounced whiner – I LOVE that by the way) is also a dad via international adoption.

Are you dying to read this book yet?

Chapters are the countries he traveled to and include: The Netherlands, Bhutan, Thailand and America. Some places I’ve already traveled to and some completely new to me.

I now want to visit Iceland. Who knew?

This book made me laugh pretty damn hard in some places, made me want to travel and gave me more information for my happiness arsenal. I highly recommend reading it.

Want to win this book?

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13 thoughts on “Books I Love: The Geography of Bliss {a GIVEAWAY!}

  1. I have never heard of that book! I will have to see if the library has it.

    I am grateful for books as I cannot imagine not reading. Not reading?! Craziness.

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  3. I am grateful for supportive friends like you who have kicked my butt into the blogosphere. I want that book.

  4. I want to read this book! I am grateful for so many things this Thanksgiving. Thank you for your friendship, Tami!

  5. i don’t think you could make this book sound more appealing.

    and i am thankful for vaccinations. i listened to a thing on polio this morning on public radio that made me realize i take them for granted. so thank you, dr. salk (and others).

  6. I’m grateful for blogs, for sleeping in, and getting to be a teacher again :)

    And I’m grateful that I’m TOTALLY going to win this giveaway, because I want to win this book SO BAD.

  7. I’ve heard about this book, and of course, it sounds like it’s right up my alley.
    I’m grateful for many things, but 2 that stand out right now are my hubby because he has made me feel special lately, and the simple life, as in today when we had a pretty simple, non-Thanksgiving themed dinner of seasonal goodies.

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