Song of the Day


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Song notes:

1. I loved this song the first time I heard it in 1995. Yes, I know it actually was released in 1992. {Otherwise known as the Dark Ages}.

2. Palomine and Lamprey were in a steady rotation back in my mid-20s.

3. Who pressed the nostalgia button recently? Why am I listening to so much old {yet still so good} stuff lately? Is it my birthday? Is it winter? Who the hell knows?

What songs were you playing on repeat when you were 25?


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For other songs that have gotten stuck in my head recently:

Previous Songs

2 thoughts on “Song of the Day

  1. I can’t actually remember 1995. Let me ponder this question and get back to you. PS: when is your birthday? I could figure it out if I could remember when Mary’s workshop last year was, but please see earlier in this comment, no memory. I already can’t remember writing this comment.

    • @mads: first day of spring – march 20th.

      also – not 95 specific – that’s when i was 25. what about when you were 25? 98? 97? i’ve got good ones for those years too! those were the quasi, elliott smith, little sue years. good times. <3 the pacific northwest.

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