Summer of Intentionality Part 2: What I Want to Do

My Summer of Intentionality List continues.

What I Want to Do:

– Visit friends. Bay Area friends especially. So close and yet I don’t see them nearly as often as I’d like.

– Visit Portland friends too. Love them and the Pacific Northwest summer weather.

– Make daily writing a habit.

– Schedule the rest of 2011’s Featured Teachers Interviews. {Are you an amazing teacher? Do you know an amazing teacher? I’m looking for more to interview for the series.}

– Visit a different farmer’s market each week.

– Eat fruit and vegetables at every meal.

– Make and photograph a meal a week from the market.

– Go swimming. In a pool. In a river. In an ocean. Seems totally doable.

– Yoga classes. As a yoga teacher, I find it a) hard to get to class and b) incredibly inspiring when I do.

What do you want to do this summer? Would you like to have an Intentional Summer? You can! Leave your list in the comments or write a post of your own and link back.

Stay tuned for 2011’s Summer Reading List.

9 thoughts on “Summer of Intentionality Part 2: What I Want to Do

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  3. Hi Tami,

    I’d love to be part of your interview series, as a fellow teacher (I teach English).

    I also live in a complex with a pool, so if you would like to come swim some day, just let me know. I’m in Arden area in Sacramento.

    Thanks for your blog!


  4. This list is great. It’s funny, your “to learn” list kind of stressed me out, but this list makes me feel really relaxed. Not a comment on what you want to learn, but I think evidence of how I start to feel when I think about having to learn something new, and I don’t know how to do anything on your “to learn” list. I guess for me these would be the rewards for all the learning.

    • @mads: you’re absolutely right about the rewards for learning part. that’s how i understood how this summer of intentionality thing works: lots of goodness peppered with some lessons. i’ve been looking over this list since i’ve posted and i have been chuckling about how i really am using this as a jumping off point to see if i even like to do any of this stuff. i’d like to try these things and see how it goes. who knows, maybe i’ll hate knitting, but i’ll really like the tea drinking and the chatting with other knitters. ultimately though, i’m trying to stay out of the rabbit hole of the internet.

      i will report occasionally how my progress is going. i’ve already got some friends volunteering to help me thus feeding into this list as well.

  5. Great list! The picture made me laugh as that is something I’m working on (as evidenced by the fact that I’m on the computer now–ha!). Facebook and Twitter are my worst time-sucks; I think I’m going to have to set a timer or get one of those programs that blocks you from going on certain sites after ten minutes or something.

    I’m with you on the yoga classes, too; I’ve been making that a priority lately. Turns out, I enjoy going to yoga! Who woulda thunk it? :)

    • @anna: you and me both, sista friend. oh and blogs! can you please send me the internet babysitter you decide upon? i started doing research and got distracted by something shiny online. =)

      seriously, the yoga. good stuff. and it makes your body feel good and all. who knew???

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