Summer of Intentionality Progress Report: To Learn


Oh friends, this Summer of Intentionality list is proving to be the most difficult. Learning new things is challenging my brain in ways I hadn’t expected. Please send me your tips and advice!


To Learn: The whole list

Status update:

Weightlifting 101 – my friend and I have a standing date for the gym every week day of this summer. I’ve only taken one day away {first day of my tiny cold}.


So far we’ve concentrated on the basics: actually going to the gym {make that 2 days away – our first day we ended up at the Fox and Goose for breakfast, so don’t think the getting there is too small a detail}, using the standard weight machines that run the perimeter of the room and this week even venturing into the middle of the room where the more complicated weight machines live.

What I’m learning from this weight room experience is a) I love how it feels to push myself physically b) I’m totally intimidated to be down in that manly space without my girlfriend c) In order to maintain the results and benefits from this I’m going to have to do this every damn day of my life {thanks for the reminder, Amy!}.

The good news is I have a partner in crime who has the same fitness goals and I’ve already started to brain storm ways to keep this daily physical practice going once I return to work. I’m toying with the idea of before work training sessions. Maybe not every day, but who knows?

Any advice on building fitness into your daily schedule?

Status Update:

Knitting Lesson #1

I met with my lovely knitting teacher at Temple and she patiently showed me the ropes and even made a video our lesson. Benefit of working with a technology teacher? I’m thinking so.

What I am learning:  The hard parts of actually remembering to knit a little each day (tie a piece of yarn around my finger?), not totally freaking out about what to do when I mess up and scheduling a follow-up lesson. Lessons a plenty here. Keeping the inner critics chilled out is an exercise in and of itself.

Any ideas on how to get myself to remember to practice? Have I ever mentioned how much I need to practice practicing?

Status Update:

Skype Lesson #1

A webcam has been procured and Skype been added to my computer.

What I am learning: I am so not a fan of learning. I am a fan of already being good at stuff or faking it behind the scenes until I am able to confidently fake it in front of others. Hello, perfectionist monsters!

I think making a connection or two with close friends needs to happen so I can feel more comfortable using the new setup.

Any tips for getting more comfortable with technology? Care to share your embarrassing technology stories to help me feel better?

Status Update:

Photo Editing Lesson #1

Another lesson. Can you tell I’ve been crazy busy lately?

What I am learning: Again with the hard part: practice. It looks like I might have to bust out a daily 15 minute schedule on myself. I didn’t want it to have to come to that, but stuff isn’t getting done without it. Why am I so much like my 3rd graders in this way?

Status Update:

Backyard Traveling – definitely my favorite {most comfortable} part. I’ll be posting later in a little Teacher Travels series.

What I’m learning: I really love going bye-bye. Day trips, museums, visits to the ocean? Love them all. Oh and Northern California looks a lot like Europe this time a year.

What is your favorite Northern California destination?


The biggest lesson for me in this process is I really, really like starting new projects and I still have trouble with the small doses every day part of practicing new skills. It would seem I really enjoy the grand gesture, big picture, the newness of things and have a seriously underdeveloped practice muscle. Still I have weeks left to go before I return to work, so there are still many opportunities for learning.

Please leave me tips, advice or a progress report about what you’re learning this summer.

8 thoughts on “Summer of Intentionality Progress Report: To Learn

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  2. dude!

    “every damn day of my life”?

    um, no.

    as to the exercise, from a purely physiological standpoint, the body needs rest now and again. period. and on a psychological tip, what a set up! allow me to throw a little twelve-step wisdom at you: one day at a time. not “every damn day of my life” at a time. just one.

    not a fan of learning? consider this: one of the rewards of sitting back and learning and not being an expert right out of the gate is that you are relieved of the burden of having to be the authority. you get to make mistakes because you are learning. you get to not know the answers because you are learning. you get to ask any question you want because you are learning. you get to feel the triumph of catching on to a new idea because you are learning. life’s all light and easy without all the responsibility on you. and i know how you jones for light and easy.

    oh, and when i’m unsure of how i want to edit my photos, i make at least one copy of the original to play around with. i manipulate the photo with no planned outcome and just see what happens. and then i come up with something i think is really sharp and fantastic, and then six months later i look at it again and wonder how i could have committed such a crime against aesthetics.

    the learning thing doesn’t end.

    and neither, apparently, does this comment.

    the old windbag appreciates the opportunity you’ve given her to let out some air.

    • @v3: you leave good comment!

      thanks for the perspective on the daily exercise piece. one day at a time is much more appetizing, albeit not nearly as funny, as every damn day, please know, it will NEVER ever happen – i am committed to rest as a general rule… although my brain needs to think more not less when building a new habit. so it’s finding that balance point between resting too much (what’s been happening until really recently) and doing too much.

      the irony of the teacher that has issues with learning? it’s not lost on me. i totally agree with you, however my inner perfectionist/quitter is pretty loud. part of this process is really just an exercise in process. by the way, how did you develop your beliefs about the learning process? is this something from home? and yes, i do jones for light and easy. so i’m reading the gifts of imperfections – pushing every button on my body.

      thank you for the editing thoughts. good god, i thought it was just me.

      thank you for the lovely comment, friend.

      • as i wrote my response, i thought, “surely tami knows these things already” and stopped and started a few times over, debating whether or not to even post. if i thought really hard about it, i would probably come to realize that i was probably talking to myself more than to you. god knows i need as much reminding about the one-day-at-a-time deal as i can get. and the day that i’m way more comfortable being the novice and not the expert? i’ll alert you immediately, but don’t hold your breath. xo

  3. That every damn day thing just made me sad all over again.

    Whenever I’m getting all perfectionist on myself, I try & remember that whoever is teaching me had to learn, too—and that it’s okay, really, to need a little time. Let me know if you need a Skype refresh :)

    • @amy: vanessa gave a good perspective that i missed. i’d also add i’m feeling pretty thankful for the use of all my parts. i’d still argue it’s a human design flaw to have to exercise in order to stay healthy, but that doesn’t seem to excuse me from doing it.

      more good perspective on the learning process. i must have really smart friends.

      definitely need a skype refresh – let’s make a date.

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